“Watch Robert Downey Jr.’s Kids, Avri and Exton, Hilariously Shave His Head in Rare Video Share”

The performer’s offspring had a great time helping their father shave his head and creating a unique Halloween appearance with his newly bald scalp.

Robert Downey Jr. kids shave his head

Robert Downey Jr. involved his two younger children, Avri and Exton, in preparing for his next project by having them shave his head, which he documented in a rare glimpse of his family life. In the video, he interrupted their pumpkin carving to explain that he didn’t want to wear a bald cap for his role in “The Sympathizer” and asked if they could help him shave his head instead. Despite their initial confusion and Avri’s cheeky remark, the kids got to work on their dad’s haircut. Stay up-to-date with PEOPLE’s free daily newsletter for more celebrity news and human interest stories.

Check out the latest Celebrity Kid Halloween Costumes for 2022! In a recent video, Robert Downey Jr. proudly displays his freshly shaved head, thanks to his kids Exton and Avri. However, instead of offering payment to his little barbers, they ask for their dad’s help with a Halloween project. How cute is that? Stay tuned for more adorable celebrity kid costumes this Halloween season!

In a recent Instagram post, actor Robert Downey Jr. shared an adorable video of his daughter Avri painting his bald head to look like a pumpkin for Halloween. The video shows Avri carefully using her paintbrushes on her father’s head and adding a pumpkin stem to create a complete pumpkin look. Downey Jr. proudly shows off the finished product to the camera with a big smile on his face as Avri happily exclaims “Happy Halloween!”

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