“Victoria’s Secret Runway Show ’23: Emily Ratajkowski Dazzles in a Red-and-White Crochet Bra”

The Victoria’s Secret Show made a grand comeback after its last runway event in 2018. The Tour ’23 showcased prominent models like Gigi Hadid, Hailey Bieber, and Emily Ratajkowski, who was seen donning a stunning red and white crochet bikini top. The show premiered on Amazon Prime Video this week, featuring other notable models such as Naomi Campbell and Julia Fox. With its launch in 1977, Victoria’s Secret has been reimagining fashion shows with a new generation of women from all over the world. In March, the brand announced its comeback, which finally premiered on Monday.

New look: Emily Ratajkowski was one of the big name models in the new Victoria's Secret Show. The My Body author was seen in a skimpy red and white crochet bikini top

New Look: One of the standout models at the most recent Victoria’s Secret Show was Emily Ratajkowski. Known for her book My Body, she turned heads with her stunning figure, sporting a bright red and white crochet bikini top.

Before the big show: Emily shares a behind the scenes look when getting ready

Emily gives us an exclusive look into the preparations taking place behind the scenes before the much-awaited main event. The upcoming Victoria’s Secret 2023 World Tour will showcase a group of talented artists from Bogot√°, Lagos, London, and Tokyo who represent four different fashion curations. Through a combination of fashion, film, art, and culture, this exciting event will feature international creatives, top supermodels, and a performance by Doja Cat. This Prime movie starts with a black screen message, hinting at the transformed experience that awaits viewers. In 2021, Victoria’s Secret set out on a mission to provide aspiring young creatives worldwide with opportunities to share their unique stories and turn their creations into realities on a global stage, using the VS Show as their platform.

There she is: During the show she was seen in a studio with moody looks

Hey, guess who we spotted during the show? We caught a quick glimpse of her in the studio looking a little down.

They did her dirty! It was hard to see EmRat as she wore long earrings that looked like they could cut her

EmRat wasn’t treated fairly! It was a bit tricky to recognize her as she had on some long earrings that looked like they could cut through things.

Closer: The cover girl shard this close up shot pinned to a board for the show

The cover girl of the magazine has recently shared a snapshot of herself up close, which was exhibited on a board.

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