“Unveiling the Action-packed World of Cash Truck: Post Malone, Josh Hartnett, and Jason Statham Rule the Set with Explosive Stunts”

On the set of his upcoming film, Cash Truck, Post Malone was spotted taking on a rough and tough criminal persona. The famous rapper, whose given name is Austin Richard Post, decided to take a break from his musical performances to hone his acting abilities. In a gripping scene featuring a shootout, Post joined fellow stars Jason Statham and Josh Hartnett, who portray armored truck drivers. Director Guy Ritchie’s latest action-packed film will feature the talented trio.

Clear shot: Post Malone, whose real name is Austin Richard Post, was spotted filming his new movie, Cash Truck, in Los Angeles on Tuesday afternoon

On Tuesday, Austin Richard Post, famously known as Post Malone, was spotted in Los Angeles shooting his upcoming movie, Cash Truck.

Uh oh! Jason Statham is also set to star in the movie. He is pictured above as an armed truck driver about to take aim during the intense brawl that involved both Post Malone

Oh no! It appears that Jason Statham is now part of the movie’s cast. He was spotted in a photo playing the role of an armed truck driver engaged in a fight scene with Post Malone. At first glance, it seemed like Post Malone was playing the part of one of the robbers who were trying to steal from the truck. He was dressed in a black beanie, a black and white button-up shirt, jeans, and black gloves, while holding a gun.

Dodging: The Better Now singer was spotted ducking for cover while filming

During the filming process, the artist responsible for the popular track “Better Now” was spotted maneuvering and attempting to avoid any potential danger.

Oh no! As he made a run for it he turned around to see if he still had time to make it to safety

Oh no! He quickly ran and glanced over his shoulder to make sure he could make it to a safe spot.

Having a blast: Post gave a big smile while enjoying a french breakfast outside in his costume for the day

Chatting away: He appeared to be having a blast on set with his new friends while chatting it up with Jason

Enjoying the day to the fullest: Post was beaming with joy as he savored a delectable French breakfast under the bright sun, comfortably clad in his costume for the day. He was fully immersed in his role and exhibited sheer enthusiasm as he moved and swayed in character. There was even a moment when he sought refuge behind a construction palette as truck drivers attempted to retaliate. Between takes, Post relished spending time with his co-stars, unwinding over coffee and cigarettes.

Serious: Jason took off his bullet proof vest to take a walk in his driver uniform

Casual: He appeared to be in good humor while for his stroll in thick black combat boots and thick attire

Informal: Jason felt like going for a walk in his driver gear and left behind the bullet-resistant vest. He seemed pretty chill as he carried his firearm with confidence. During filming, he sported a sleek black ensemble with the added protection of a bullet-resistant vest and a cool eagle patch adorning one sleeve of his button-up shirt. Josh went for a similar vibe but opted for a short-sleeved version for his on-camera appearance.

Taking a break: Josh Hartnett went for a walk with a crew member while taking off his bullet proof vest

Josh Hartnett was seen enjoying a casual walk with a member of the production crew, taking a well-deserved break from filming the thrilling movie Cash Truck. In November, this film was reported to have secured a significant deal by MGM during the American Film Market. The cast features talented actors such as Scott Eastwood, Holt McCallany, Jeffrey Donovan, and Laz Alonso. Interestingly, this upcoming movie is a remake of the hit French film Le Convoyeur, which originally starred Jean Dujardin and Albert Dupontel.

Hiding: The rapper ducks down during a take as his partner shoots at the opponents

Ducking: In the scene, the main character crouches down while his friend shoots at their foes.

The stars: Post Malone, Jason, and Josh are spotted together on set in between takes as Josh gets a couple makeup touch ups

While on set, the well-known trio consisting of Post Malone, Jason, and Josh were spotted hanging out during a break. Interestingly, Post Malone has already made a foray into the movie industry by snagging his debut role in the upcoming film, Wonderland, which is currently in post-production. The movie features a talented cast of notable actors, including Alan Arkin, Iliza Shlesinger, Bookem Woodbine, Hope Wilson, James DuMont, and Winston Duke. Wonderland’s plot centers around Spenser’s investigation into a murder and the various rumors surrounding it, based on Robert B. Parker’s novel. As Josh received some touch-ups to his makeup, the trio seemed to be enjoying each other’s company during their downtime.

On stage: Back in November, Post Malone took the stage during the American Music Awards where he gave a stellar performance

Highlighted: Last November, Post Malone took center stage at the American Music Awards and wowed the audience with his outstanding performance.

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