The Unmatched Texting Skills of Cillian Murphy That Won Him the Leading Role in Peaky Blinders Against Jason Statham

According to sources, Steve Knight, the mastermind behind the hit series ‘Peaky Blinders,’ was absolutely sure that Cillian Murphy was the perfect actor for the lead role in the show when he received a bone-chilling text message from him. Although Knight favored Jason Statham initially because of his strong physical appearance, Murphy was able to convince him otherwise. Murphy was determined to play the role as he saw it as an opportunity to challenge himself and move away from his past acting experiences.

Cillian Murphy Stole The Role For Peaky Blinders From Jason Statham With One  Eerie Text To The Creator

With just one text message, Cillian Murphy was able to convince Peaky Blinders’ creator Steven Knight that he was the best choice for the lead role of Thomas Shelby. Initially, Knight had been considering Jason Statham for the part due to his reputation for playing strong and action-packed characters. However, Murphy did not let this discourage him and fought hard for his dream role. Through his unwavering determination and self-confidence, Murphy was able to persuade Knight that he was the perfect fit for the intellectual and intimidating character of Thomas Shelby. Ultimately, Murphy’s persistence paid off as he secured the coveted role, beating out competition from Statham. This story serves as a reminder of the importance of believing in oneself and pursuing goals with passion and determination.

When it came to casting the role of Thomas Shelby in the popular BBC crime drama Peaky Blinders, creator Steven Knight had two actors in mind: Jason Statham and Cillian Murphy. After meeting with both of them, Knight initially chose Statham for the role due to his tough guy reputation and imposing physical presence. In an interview with Esquire, Knight explained that he ultimately went with his gut feeling, saying, “I met them both in L.A. to talk about the role and opted for Jason (Statham). One of the reasons was because physically in the room Jason is Jason.”

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When Knight met with Cillian Murphy after his initial audition for the role of the violent gang leader, he did not feel as impressed as he had hoped. However, Murphy was determined to make a lasting impression on the creator of the show. He managed to beat out Jason Statham for the part by sending Knight a chilling text message that completely changed his mind. The four-word message simply said, “Remember, I’m an actor.” This made Knight realize that Murphy possessed an extraordinary talent to transform himself into any character he played on screen. Thus, the message reminded Knight that Murphy was not just an ordinary person on the street and had the potential to become anyone he needed to be for his roles.

Cillian Murphy’s recent comments have been misinterpreted by some as a dig at Jason Statham’s acting skills. However, Murphy explained that his intentions were not to discredit Statham’s abilities but rather to convey to Peaky Blinders creator, Steven Knight, that he too could play an intimidating character like Statham. During an interview with The Guardian, Murphy talked about how he had to prove to producers that he was physically capable of playing the role of Tommy Shelby on the show. He also clarified that his message had nothing to do with Statham or his acting talents as they are two unrelated entities. The reason behind Murphy’s fight for the role remains unknown.

Cillian Murphy approached Peaky Blinders creator Steven Knight to express his interest in playing a menacing role, even though he didn’t fit the bill physically. Following their discussion, Murphy sent Knight a persuasive text that eventually landed him the coveted part of the gang boss. In a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, Murphy shared his apprehension about portraying a hyper-masculine character at first but was determined to land the role. He firmly believes that acting should not be limiting and that the entertainment industry often tries to typecast actors. Ultimately, Murphy saw the part as a present and a chance to delve into a unique role.

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Although it may be considered a bit narrow-minded, I’ve always made a conscientious effort to take on unconventional or challenging roles in order to avoid getting stuck on a particular career path. Murphy also opened up about the challenges he faces when portraying violent characters. “Sometimes, I find it difficult to deal with the violence… It’s a tough aspect to handle. However, playing Shelby requires you to embody a contradictory, complex, and challenging persona. You must set aside your own moral compass and run with it.” With Peaky Blinders now finished, fans are eagerly anticipating what’s next for the actor. Speculation about a Peaky Blinders movie has been circulating, and Murphy is set to star in Christopher Nolan’s upcoming period drama, Oppenheimer.

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