The Most Talked-About Moments with Kim Kardashian: A Visual Countdown

Kim Kardashian, the famous reality TV star and entrepreneur, is known for her bold and daring photoshoots where she often bares it all. However, some have criticized her lack of sensitivity and awareness regarding certain issues. Despite this, she remains a trailblazer in her family and continues to push boundaries in her career.

 Reality TV star and businesswoman, Kim Kardashian has stirred controversies by making some downright offensive and inappropriate decisions over the years. Let us take a look at 10 such controversies. (Image: Instagram)

Kim Kardashian, a well-known personality in the entertainment industry and successful entrepreneur, has sparked debates with some questionable actions throughout her career. Here are ten instances where she faced criticism.

 Whether it is her ʙuтт naked pH๏τoshoots or experiments covering her ᴀssets for the camera, Kim is leading the pack in her clan when it comes to her tone-deaf general understanding.

Kim Kardashian is setting herself apart from her family with her bold and provocative photoshoots, whether she’s posing completely nude or strategically covering up certain parts. However, her lack of awareness and sensitivity towards certain issues suggests a disconnect from the world around her.

 Personal or business, Kim can’t help but do stuff deemed plain insensitive or cultural appropriation. (Image: Instagram)

Kim has a habit of engaging in actions that are considered insensitive or cultural appropriation, whether it’s for personal reasons or business ventures. (Photo: Instagram)

 ‘Blackface’: This one was apologised for by Kim but looked like a deliberate attempt. She released sH๏τs for her beauty line wherein her skin tone looked darker than it actually is. Kim later defended the hater comments saying that she actually had a tan and had no clue if the look would offend anyone. (Image: Instagram)

Kim received criticism for using ‘Blackface’ in promotional shots for her beauty line. Although she later apologised, it appeared to be a deliberate attempt. In response to the backlash, Kim defended herself by claiming that she had a tan and was unaware of the potential offense her appearance could cause. (Image: Instagram)

 Kim as Aaliyah for Halloween: It remains a secret why Kim, a white woman posed as Aaliyah who was a black woman. In her apology to those reprimanding her of cultural appropriation, Kim said, “We don’t see colour in my home!” (Image: Instagram)

Kim caused a stir this Halloween by dressing up as Aaliyah, a black woman. It’s unclear why a white woman would choose to portray a person of color, and many people criticized her for cultural appropriation. Kim responded to the backlash by saying that her family doesn’t see color.

 Vampire facial to look beautiful: Kim did a vampire facial and it was extremely horrifying. The picture was taken by her and went viral. For the process, she gave blood from her arms which was injected into her face using tiny needles. (Image: Instagram)

Kim underwent a vampire facial to enhance her beauty, which turned out to be a terrifying experience. She documented the entire process and shared it on social media, causing it to become an overnight sensation. The procedure involved drawing blood from her arms and injecting it into her face using minuscule needles.

 Kim as Virgin Mary: Kim faced enormous backlash when she featured in one of her posts as the Virgin Mary. She did it to sell a glᴀss-enclosed church candle but wasn’t spared for her at all. Post this, she was called a ‘religion appropriator’ and her approach deemed disgusting and disrespectful. (Image: Instagram)

Kim received a lot of criticism for portraying herself as the Virgin Mary in one of her social media posts to promote a church candle. Many people accused her of appropriating religion and found her actions offensive and disrespectful. The backlash was intense and widespread. (Picture: Instagram)

 Baby Crib: Kim and Kanye West announced Psalm, their fourth kid to the world. She shared an image of the baby in a crib which was covered with soft blankets. People pointed out that it could risk the baby for sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS). (Image: Instagram)

Kim and Kanye West recently introduced their fourth child, Psalm, to the public. Kim shared an adorable picture of the baby soundly sleeping in a cozy crib, wrapped in soft blankets. However, some people have expressed concerns that this type of bedding could potentially increase the risk of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS).

 Appeтιтe suppression lollipops: Another catastrophic promotional stunt by Kim. She started promoting appeтιтe suppression lollipops in 2018. Nobody bought that Kim got a body like hers by taking those pills. (Image: Instagram)

Kim’s promotion of appetite suppression lollipops in 2018 was a failed marketing tactic. It was met with skepticism, as people did not believe that Kim gained her body solely by taking those pills. This promotional stunt did not gain much traction. (Image: Instagram)

 Failed PH๏τoshop: Every time she puts up an image from a shoot, her followers take less than seconds to point out errors in her PH๏τoshop. Kim recently uploaded images from a snake print hair shoot and her Instafam still wants to know about the extra hand. (Image: Instagram)

Unsuccessful Photoshopping: Whenever she shares a picture from a photo shoot, her followers quickly notice the mistakes in her editing. Kim shared some photos from a snake print hair shoot, but her Instagram family couldn’t help but ask about the extra hand in the picture. (Image: Instagram)

 Morning sickness pills: Kim declared that she used the pills to treat her morning sickness. The pills promoted by her and the manufacturing company were never approved by the FDA. Kim faced immense heat for not informing of other effects such as dizziness and sleep disruption that the pills could potentially cause. (Image: Instagram)

Kim claimed that she utilized morning sickness pills to alleviate her symptoms, however, these pills were not sanctioned by the FDA and were endorsed by both Kim and the manufacturer. This resulted in Kim receiving criticism for failing to disclose the potential side effects of the pills, including dizziness and sleep disturbance. (Photo: Instagram)

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