“Sylvester Stallone Leads the Pack in Expendables 4: Jason Statham Takes a Back Seat”

After fourteen years since the success of The Expendables, Jason Statham and Sylvester Stallone are teaming up once again for what may be their last thrilling escapade together.

The popular action movie series, The Expendables, is preparing to make its highly-anticipated debut on the big screen in the near future. In a recent interview with Daily Express, producers Kevin King-Templeton and Les Weldon shared their thoughts on what the future may hold for the franchise over the next 14 years. Les Weldon jokingly mentions that Sylvester Stallone wasn’t originally intended to star in the franchise’s second installment, which was a hit in 2012. This serves as a reminder that even when dealing with legendary actors in action cinema, nothing is ever set in stone. Despite being 77 years old, Stallone is still leading the fourth installment, but the filmmakers have made adjustments to the stunts and fight sequences to accommodate his age. Newcomers Tony Jaa, Iko Uwais, and 50 Cent have taken on most of the fight scenes in the latest film.

The cast of the film has undergone some changes as they have grown older, according to the movie’s director. There has been a shift towards incorporating more Asian martial arts influences, thanks to the involvement of Jackie Chan’s stunt team. However, the director emphasizes that audiences should not underestimate the older members of the cast, as they are far from typical 60 or 70-year-olds. The actors are all seasoned action performers who maintain their fitness and are in better shape than the director himself. They often perform their own stunts and fight scenes.

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