“Sun, Sand and Sensational Style: Emily Ratajkowski Rocks a Flirty Bardot Bikini on Tuscan Adventure”

Emily Ratajkowski has been the target of online criticism for sharing revealing photos on her Instagram account. However, she has not let this stop her from posting more bikini-clad pictures from her vacation in Tuscany with her boyfriend Jeff Magid. The model celebrated her 26th birthday by showing off her toned body in a blue bardot bikini and enjoying the sun. Despite the negative comments, Emily continues to share her stunning photos with her followers.

Those baby blues! Emily flaunted her enviably peachy posterior and sensational assets in a saucy bardot style blue bikini

Emily Ratajkowski, the 26-year-old model, basked in the Tuscan sun, wearing a bold blue bikini that accentuated her stunning assets and peachy posterior. With an obvious intention of enthralling her 13.4 million followers, Emily exuberated confidence as she coyly looked over her shoulder while sitting on the boat’s edge. The thong bottoms left little to the imagination, highlighting her toned legs and pert derriere. Emily didn’t shy away from flaunting her sensational figure, sharing several provocative pictures from her day out in the ocean. In one of those snaps, she is seen sipping a drink while surrounded by glittering blue waters.

Blue-ing us away! Keen on showing her sensational figure at all angles, the model - who soared to success in the 2013 Blurred Lines video - shared another snap where her toned legs and tiny waist were on display 

Impressing everyone with her stunning physique, the model who became famous for her role in the popular 2013 Blurred Lines video shared yet another picture where she proudly showcased her well-toned legs and slim waist. The blue attire she was wearing added to the overall appeal of the photograph.

Sensational figure: In another snap taken from above, Emily displays her impossibly flat stomach and busty assets while topping up her tan

In another photograph captured from an elevated angle, Emily shows off her stunning physique with a toned and flat stomach, as well as her ample bust, while soaking up the sun.

All angles: Taking a break from her high-profile modelling duties, Emily ensures to soak up the sun in another image where she shows of her frilly blue bikini top

Emily takes a break from her busy modelling schedule and enjoys soaking up the warm sun in a stunning blue frilly bikini top. The photos highlight her toned body, long legs, and flat stomach as she accessorizes with minimal makeup, white rimmed shades, and a variety of gold necklaces. Emily seems to be having a great time, especially since Italy is her favorite country to visit, as revealed in her 2015 Vogue interview.

Stunning: Relying on her naturally striking features, Emily sticks to a slither of make-up and accessorises with white rimmed shades and a labyrinth of gold necklaces

Impressive: Emily accentuates her naturally stunning features by wearing minimal makeup and complementing her look with white framed sunglasses and multiple layers of gold necklaces.

Loved-up: Emily is joined on the sun-drenched getaway with her beau Jeff Magid

Emily enjoyed a romantic vacation with her boyfriend Jeff Magid where she shared several alluring photos of herself in a pretty pink bikini that accentuated her sun-kissed body. In an interview with Harper’s Bazaar, Emily discussed the selfies she frequently posts online and how it allows her to take control of the camera’s gaze. She also talked about being labeled as an attention seeker, which is a common accusation women face for expressing themselves politically or even sharing a simple selfie.

Proving life is certainly a beach: Emily posted a number of sexy snaps from the weekend in yet another frilly  bikini which showed off her bronzed physique

Emily displayed her stunning physique while enjoying a beach weekend, sharing a series of alluring photos wearing a frilly bikini. Her bronzed skin was on full display in the sultry snaps.

Hitting back: She wrote in Glamour last year 'that I’ve been called an attention w**** so often that I had almost gotten used to it'

In a previous article for Glamour, she mentioned that she had been labeled an attention seeker so frequently that it had become almost routine. However, she has now retaliated against those who have targeted her with these hurtful comments.

The prevalent double standard in our society has compelled women to always be on guard and provide “valid” reasons for their actions and words. Emily contends that not only men but also other women contribute to sexism by belittling the intentions of their female counterparts, attributing it to mere attention-seeking. This trope has been ingrained in our psyche, causing women to doubt their abilities to be confident, sexy, and outspoken about politics. Society limits women’s power by forcing them to justify and defend their motives, inducing self-doubt, whereas men can act without any questioning.

Emily also previously admitted: 'We’ve internalised this trope. Our society tells women we can’t be, say, sexy and confident and opinionated about politics'

Emily has previously confessed that women have taken in this idea. Our culture has imposed on them that they cannot be sexy, self-assured and express their views on political issues.

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