“Strolling Through the City that Never Sleeps: Emily Ratajkowski’s Fashionable Look with a Cropped Top and Low-Rise Skirt”

Emily Ratajkowski made a fashion statement on Wednesday in New York City. She showcased her fit physique in a revealing outfit as she walked through the busy streets en route to record an episode of her High Low podcast. The 32-year-old model donned a plunging neckline top, the House of CB ‘Palmer’ top, worth $119, flaunting her flat stomach. Her outfit was completed with a Silk Laundry Long Bias Cut Skirt for $320, and a stylish gold-chained belt. Emily wore tan-colored heeled boots and carried a black purse over her right shoulder to keep her essentials at hand while going about her busy schedule. Previously, she wowed fans with her statement tank top, proving she’s still the ‘it girl’ when it comes to fashion.

Wow! Emily Ratajkowski, 32, turned heads as she showed off her toned physique in a sexy ensemble as she stepped out in New York City on Wednesday

Yesterday in New York City, Emily Ratajkowski turned heads with her alluring attire and fit physique. The 32-year-old actress and model made quite the impression as she stepped out, leaving onlookers captivated by her striking appearance.

Chic: The mother of one made jaws drop as she flaunted her taut midriff in a $119 House of CB 'Palmer' white plunge blouson top

In a stunning fashion statement, a single mother flaunted her toned midsection in a stylish House of CB ‘Palmer’ top worth $119. She left her hair parted in the middle, flowing down her shoulders with grace. The ex-Nickelodeon star kept her accessories minimal with a pair of gold-hoop earrings and oval-shaped sunglasses, allowing her outfit to shine. Recently spotted recording content for her successful podcast, “High Low with EmRata,” Emily showed excitement about exploring interesting and essential topics without sounding snobbish in an interview with Variety. Her show has featured several celebrities like Nelly Furtado, Sarah Hyland, Troye Sivan, Ireland Baldwin, and Kelly Rowland. Emily shared a TikTok video, showing off her outfit of the day to her 2.5 million followers. The 13-second clip began with a selfie and ended with her posing in her charming backyard.

Stylish: The beauty additionally wore a black, low-waisted skirt that was made of a satin material and secured with a fashionable, gold-chained belt

Fashion statement: She slipped into a pair of tan-colored, heeled boots and slung a black purse over her right shoulder to hold a few items she needed during her busy schedule

Stylish: The pretty lady matched her attire with a chic, smooth black satin skirt that hung gracefully at her hips. The fashionable item was highlighted with a stunning belt embellished with a chain in a bold gold color.

Beautiful: Her long locks were parted in the middle, and effortlessly flowed down straight past her shoulders

Stunning: Her locks were parted neatly in the middle, and flowed down her shoulders in an elegant manner.

On the go: The former Nickelodeon actress added only a pair of gold-hooped earrings to accessorize her look to allow the outfit to be the main focal point

During her day out, the former Nickelodeon celebrity didn’t wear too many accessories. She went with a basic set of gold hoop earrings, giving her attire the spotlight it deserved.

Working hard: Emily was spotted arriving to a building to record content for her successful podcast, High Low with EmRata , which was officially launched late last year in November

Career milestone: 'I don¿t want the show to at all feel pretentious, but I want to be talking about things that I find interesting and important,' she told Variety in regards to her podcast

Emily was spotted on her way to gather content for her famous podcast, named High Low with EmRata. This podcast made its grand entrance in November 2019 and has been met with great acclaim ever since. It’s quite obvious that Emily is dedicated to creating top-quality content for her listeners.

Casual: Later in the day, Emily was spotted again in a more casual look

Later in the day, Emily was spotted wearing a more casual outfit, giving off a relaxed vibe.

The runway maven kept her toned tummy concealed under an oversized green T-shirt

On the runway, the fashion guru opted to conceal her toned stomach by donning a baggy green t-shirt.

She kicked off her heels and threw on a pair of Adidas sneakers as she strolled the friends

As she strolled alongside her companions, the celebrity decided to ditch her high heels and opt for a cozy pair of Adidas sneakers to give her feet some much-needed relief. She set her phone down on a steady surface, stepped aside from the camera, and posed elegantly to flaunt her stunning ensemble and figure. The background music accompanying the video was “Nanana Cola Ian Asher edit,” and she chose not to add any captions to the clip. Before venturing out, the founder of Inamorata snapped a mirror selfie to capture her impeccable streetwear attire, which she shared on Instagram stories. Aside from hosting her podcast, the multitalented model also headlined in Victoria’s Secret’s latest Icon campaign and recently showcased swimwear from her own brand, Inamorata, in a breathtaking photoshoot. In the images, Emily looked ravishing in a white Luciana two-piece priced at $95 and $85 for the top and bottom, respectively. Her radiant skin shimmered with a sun-kissed glow, and she sported dewy blush and highlighter on her cheekbones, complemented by a glossy nude-tinted lip.

Having fun: Also on Wednesday, the businesswoman showed off her ensemble for the day in a TikTok video that she uploaded to her 2.5 million followers

Having a Good Time: The business owner showed off her daily outfit in a TikTok video posted on Wednesday for her 2.5 million followers.

Striking a pose: The 13-second clip began as she took a quick video selfie at a high angle which then cut to Emily posing outside in her quaint backyard

Emily captured her most flattering angle as she filmed a 13-second video using a high angle selfie. She then seamlessly transitioned into an outdoor pose, making use of her beautiful backyard as the backdrop.

Late summer season: While posing in her backyard, natural sunlight streamed down through the shady trees

As the summer drew to a close, she decided to strike a pose in her backyard and enjoy the soothing warmth of the sun’s rays, which filtered through the luxuriant trees.

Confident: The star placed her phone down on a stable surface and stepped away from the camera and struck a few of her favorite poses to flaunt her ensemble and stunning frame

Without a doubt, the famous personality placed her phone on a firm base and strolled away from the camera. She then effortlessly struck some of her favorite poses to display her attire and stunning figure.

Selfie time: Before heading outdoors, the Inamorata founder paused for a mirror selfie to once again show off her impeccable street style which was uploaded to her Instagram stories

Before heading out, the Inamorata creator couldn’t resist taking a mirror selfie to show off her fashionable street style. After snapping the photo, she posted it on her Instagram stories for all her followers to admire.

Motherhood: Despite constantly being on-the-go, the beauty's main focus surrounds her two-year-old son, Sylvester, who also goes by the nickname of Sly

Despite her busy schedule, this charming lady prioritizes being a mother to her adorable two-year-old son, who is affectionately known as Sly. In March of last year, she welcomed him into the world alongside Sebastian Bear-McClard, her former spouse and a film producer. Emily and Sebastian tied the knot in 2018 but parted ways in September 2022, with the former Nickelodeon star accusing him of infidelity. In an interview with Refinery29 in January, the stunning model admitted that balancing her roles as a single mom, full-time model, podcast host, aspiring writer, and owner of a ready-to-wear business was a constant challenge, and she struggled to find equilibrium.

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