“Statham’s Daredevil Drive: Director Dismayed Over Jackie Chan-esque Obsession in $139M Sequel”

In a recent interview, filmmaker Ben Wheatley shared insights on actor Jason Statham’s unwavering passion for performing his own stunts in the upcoming movie Meg 2. Wheatley talked about Statham’s enthusiasm for hands-on action and his determination to execute as many stunts as possible on his own. From navigating a jet ski through the waters to facing other thrilling challenges, Statham’s commitment to authenticity is evident, as emphasized by Wheatley.

The director of Meg 2 recently discussed Jason Statham’s commitment to his role in the upcoming film. As part of the preparation process, the director shared insights on how they captured genuine expressions during stunts, including a unique approach involving water and a giant hand drill. However, the director also expressed being horrified by Statham’s obsession with perfection.

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According to Wheatly, Jasoп Statham is dedicated to creating realistic and engaging sequences, which is why he aims to minimize the use of gimbal shots. Like other Hollywood stars such as Jackie Chan and Tom Cruise, Statham takes a daring approach to his stunts. Wheatley shared an example where Statham was suspended upside down on a specially designed apparatus while water was fired at his face to achieve authentic reactions. To truly look upside down, the actor had to be physically placed in that position. Therefore, they set up a giant hand drill and spun him around while firing water at his face.

In the upcoming film “Meg 2: The Trench,” not only Jason Statham was feeling the rush while shooting. Director Ben Wheatley recounted how the crew was anxious for the safety of the “Wild Card” actor, as he insisted on doing most of his scenes without the use of a gimbal. One particular scene involved Statham riding a jet ski at high speeds, making everyone monitoring the shoot nervous about his well-being. Despite the thrilling challenges, the crew prioritized Statham’s safety throughout the filming process. “Meg 2: The Trench” is set to provide viewers with a truly larger-than-life movie experience, following the success of its predecessor.

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What can viewers anticipate from Meg 2: The Trench? In addition to Jason Statham, the movie features renowned global icon Wu Jing as the leader of a daring research team embarking on a high-stakes expedition into the deepest parts of the ocean. Under Wheatley’s visionary direction, the plot takes an unexpected turn when the team’s mission is jeopardized by a nefarious mining operation, setting the stage for an intense fight for survival.

The characters played by Jason Statham and Wu Jing are up against massive sea creatures and challenging environmental obstacles in an exciting race against time in Meg 2. This film pushes the limits of action and adventure while also featuring captivating storytelling and thrilling action sequences. Produced by di Bonaventura/Apelles Entertainment, Inc. in association with DF Pictures, Meg 2: The Trench is a Warner Bros. Pictures and CMC Pictures production. Its worldwide premiere was on August 3, 2023, taking audiences on a captivating cinematic journey full of excitement and suspense in the depths of the ocean.

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