“Sparkling in Style: Selena Gomez and Cara Delevingne make a statement at the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation gala with their shimmering outfits”

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They clean up well! Selena Gomez, 22, and 21-year-old model Cara Delevingne definitely turned heads as they posed with Israeli songwriter Eli Mizrahi as they attended the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation Gala

Selena Gomez and Cara Delevingne looked absolutely stunning at the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation Gala, where they were spotted posing alongside Israeli songwriter Eli Mizrahi. Both women were impeccably dressed and definitely caught the attention of onlookers.

Leggy lady: The former Disney star looked stunning in a dark gold evening gown as she posed next to an attendee at the event held at St. Tropez, France

The attractive woman with long legs, who used to be a part of Disney, appeared absolutely gorgeous in her elegant dark gold dress. She was captured standing beside one of the guests at the occasion which took place in St. Tropez, France.

Four's a crowd: The beautiful Petra Nemcova, Selena, Caroline Scheufele, and Cara all posed for a snap together at the charitable event

A group of lovely ladies including Petra Nemcova, Selena, Caroline Scheufele, and Cara gathered together for a good cause and took a photo. Four was definitely not too many in this situation!

Fade to black: On the same night, Selena ditched the gold look in favour of a much darker look complete with a fishnet veil over her head

As the night wore on, Selena opted for a bolder and edgier appearance by abandoning her previous golden outfit and embracing a darker palette. She even went as far as donning a fishnet veil over her head, adding to her new mysterious vibe. The transformation was definitely a showstopper.

Made up for the night: Cara styled her highlighted blonde hair in a braid and wore heavy makeup, sporting smokey eyes and purple/red lips

Ready for the evening: Cara chose to braid her blonde hair that had highlights and applied a generous amount of makeup. She went with a dramatic look, accentuating her eyes with smokey eyeshadow and complementing it with deep purple or red lips.

Wonders in white: The model and Daisy Lowe both donned primarily white monochrome ensembles

Marvels in White: The fashion model and Daisy Lowe were both dressed in predominantly white monochromatic outfits.

Classic beauty: Cara even stopped for a photo with long-time English star Joan Collins

Spending some precious moments with her godmother Joan Collins at a certain occasion allowed Cara to strengthen their familial bond.

Man of the hour: Leonardo Dicaprio hosted the swanky event for his foundation

The celebrated personality of the moment, Leonardo DiCaprio, took the reins to organize a lavish event under the banner of his foundation.

Dapper: The Wolf Of Wall Street star looked good in a navy blue suit and kept it simple as he donned a smart white shirt and black tie

Looking sharp as ever, the actor from The Wolf Of Wall Street rocked a navy blue suit and opted for a classic look with a crisp white shirt and black tie.

Grizzly: Leo rocked a much different look than fans are used to as he had his long locks tied back in a tight ponytail and had a full beard

Leo’s appearance had undergone a noticeable change from his usual style, as observed by Grizzly. The singer had tied up his lengthy tresses in a sleek ponytail and sported a thick beard.

Taking the stage: Leonardo joined Bono at the event

Stepping into the spotlight: Leonardo made an appearance alongside Bono during the occasion.

Blonde Beauty: The actor's 22-year-old girlfriend Toni Garrn also made an appearance at the event in a clinging lacy green gown

The beautiful blonde lady, Toni Garrn, who happens to be the 22-year-old girlfriend of the actor, was also spotted at the gathering. She looked stunning in a gorgeous green dress that hugged her figure perfectly.

Painful feet: Toni Garrn carried her nude spiky high heels

Toni Garrn’s feet were causing her discomfort as she was seen carrying her nude high heels while walking barefoot.

Towering: Toni posed for a snap with singer Robin Thicke and another male guest at the event

Toni was spotted standing tall as she posed for a photo with the singer Robin Thicke and another male attendee at the gathering.

Slinky: Petra Nemcova sported black while Caroline Scheufele wore a white mini dress  and pink heels

Petra Nemcova opted for a stylish black outfit while Caroline Scheufele donned a beautiful white mini dress paired with pink heels.

Born performer: Bono performed an acoustic set without the aid of the rest of U2

Natural entertainer: Bono wowed the crowd with an unplugged performance, completely solo and without his U2 bandmates.

Crooner: Robin Thicke also performed some of his hits for the lucky guests at the gala

At the gala event, Robin Thicke had the honor of entertaining the guests by singing some of his popular songs as well.

Sheer daring: Oscar winner Jared Leto couldn't resist getting on stage as he donned a black patterned see-through shirt

Jared Leto, the Academy Award-winning actor and musician, exhibited sheer boldness as he took to the stage wearing a stylish black see-through shirt with intricate patterns.

Brunette beauty: French actress and Inception co-star to Leo, Marion Cotillard, spoke at the event as she donned a flowy white dress

The lovely brunette, Marion Cotillard, who starred alongside Leo in Inception, graced the occasion and delivered a speech while wearing an elegant white dress that flowed gracefully.

Charitable bunch: Daisy Low, Leonardo, Bono, and an attendee (pictured from left to right) helped raise funds to help protect earth's last remaining wild areas

A group of philanthropic individuals, including Daisy Low, Leonardo, Bono, and a participant (as seen in the image from left to right), joined hands to raise money for the conservation of the planet’s last surviving untamed areas.

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