“Silk Slip and Sultry Moves: Selena Gomez Stuns in Dance Again Music Video”

Amidst the ongoing efforts to stay indoors and avoid contracting COVID-19, Selena Gomez has gifted her fans with a brand new music video for her hit song “Dance Again”, which was released on Thursday. The video showcases the Texas-born singer looking alluring as she sings and dances to the track from her popular album, Rare. The lyrics of the song revolve around how she has managed to find her footing after her break-up with Justin Bieber in 2018, and she effortlessly grooves to the beat in the video.

Thanks SG! Selena Gomez released a new music video on Thursday just as the world is looking for new content to peruse while at home to avoid getting the coronavirus

Kudos to SG! Selena Gomez dropped a fresh music video last Thursday, precisely when people are scouting for fresh entertainment to kill time inside their homes and dodge the COVID-19 pandemic.

Hot stuff: The Texas native looked sensual in the clip for her hit song Dance Again off her chart-topping Rare album

The sultry Texan singer was absolutely captivating in the music video for her popular track, Dance Again, which features on her highly successful album, Rare. The lyrics of the song express the challenges she has faced, but how she has overcome them, singing “Ain’t easy, believe me, but I do it, Mm-mm, ah-ah, It’s like I’m ten feet tall, I’m high off the weight of them shoulders.” The underlying message is that she is finally able to move on from her ex-partner, Justin Bieber, who is now happily married to Hailey Baldwin. Selena appeared positively radiant in the clip, as she effortlessly swayed her hips to the lively beat of the tune. Overall, Selena has never looked better.

Bye Bye Biebs: The former Wizards Of Waverly Place actress grooved to the tune as she sang about being back on her feet after splitting from Justin Bieber in 2018

Farewell to Bieber: The ex-star of Wizards Of Waverly Place danced along to the rhythm while singing about standing on her own two feet after breaking up with Justin Bieber in 2018.

Solo act: The lyrics include, 'Ain't easy, believe me, but I do it, Mm-mm, ah-ah, It's like I'm ten feet tall, I'm high off the weight of them shoulders'

The song’s words go, “It’s not a breeze, trust me, but I manage it, Mm-mm, ah-ah, I feel invincible, carrying the load on my back.”

I’m happy to say that I’ve moved on from that guy. As you may know, he’s now married to Hailey Baldwin, but honestly, it’s no skin off my back. I feel much better without him in my life.

Interestingly, it turns out that Jennifer Lopez also had a track called Dance Again back in 2012. Selena Gomez’s latest album has been quite successful with several hit songs such as Lose You To Love Me. Coincidentally, she just introduced her new furry friend, Daisy, to the world amidst the current COVID-19 pandemic and California’s Stay at Home Orders. In fact, she released a video featuring Daisy just a day after the announcement. Selena is also using her platform to remind her fans to take the pandemic seriously as various cities across the United States continue to enforce lockdown measures.

Get into the groove: Selena has never looked better as she sways her hips to the up tempo song that has a catchy beat

Feel the rhythm: Selena is absolutely stunning as she moves her hips to the upbeat tune that has an irresistible rhythm.

New look: The Monte Carlo actress went with curly hair and red lips, adding mesh earrings

A fresh appearance: The female lead of Monte Carlo opted for voluptuous curls paired with a bright red pout, accentuating her look with mesh earrings.

On a roll: Her album has spawned many hits including Lose You To Love Me

Killing it: With a string of chart-topping tracks, one of which being the fan-favorite Lose You To Love Me, her album is definitely a hit.

The popular singer, known for her hit song “Come And Get It”, was dressed in a chic yet casual plain white t-shirt and had her dark brown hair styled in a neat bun when she went live from her bedroom. Selena excitedly introduced her new furry family member, Daisy, to her followers who had tuned in to watch. She happily shared that Winnie, her other dog, was bonding well with the new addition to the household. Selena had adopted Winnie in the fall of 2019, and it seems that she has decided to open her heart and home to another loving pet. As the world is facing an unprecedented pandemic and cities like Los Angeles have been put under lockdown, Selena is making the best of her time indoors by enjoying the company of her pets.

New introduction: Gomez hopped on Instagram live to encourage fans to be safe amid the COVID-19 crisis and to introduce a new member of her family

Gomez took to Instagram Live to remind her followers about the importance of staying safe during the COVID-19 pandemic. Additionally, she also introduced a new member of her family to her fans.

Selena Gomez has recently shared on social media that she has been staying safe during the lockdown by watching some great movies and is currently hooked to the documentary series “Tiger King” on Netflix. Despite being one of the most followed stars on Instagram, Selena keeps her social media activity to a minimum. However, she has made a conscious effort to come on the platform a little more frequently to be a source of encouragement and positivity for others during these tough times. Selena emphasized how hard it is for people and hopes that fans are taking the current situation seriously. She also mentioned that she has been in lockdown and hasn’t left her house except to see her sister.

Daisy: She showed her 172 million followers her new puppy Daisy

Daisy recently introduced her new furry friend to her whopping 172 million followers. However, amidst the current global pandemic, she expressed her concern about the rising number of cases and fatalities worldwide, including the United States. She finds it difficult to comprehend why some people are not taking the situation seriously. She made it clear that her intentions were not to hurt anyone’s feelings. As someone with grandparents living with her and a six-year-old sister who can’t attend school at the moment, she finds it challenging to witness people’s disregard for safety measures. For this reason, she has been mostly absent from social media, taking time to pray and reading up on the latest updates to avoid feeling overwhelmed.

Getting along: 'Winnie is here and I would like to introduce my new family member, Daisy. Winnie and Daisy are getting along very well,' she said

Introducing the New Family Member: Meet Daisy! Winnie has welcomed Daisy with open paws and they seem to be getting along splendidly. It’s heartwarming to witness the bond forming between these two new furry friends.

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