“Silk and White: Emily Ratajkowski’s Casual Style After Sizzling Lingerie Shoot with Easter Bunny”

Emily Ratajkowski has a reputation for sharing her bold photo shoots, and she has followed the trend by celebrating Easter with a sultry set of pictures. The supermodel posed with the Easter bunny in revealing lingerie, showcasing her stunning physique. This post was made after she was spotted in Los Angeles wearing a casual outfit consisting of a silk top and white jeans on Saturday night.

Stunner: Emily Ratajkowski, 27, was spotted out in Los Angeles in a casual ensemble of silk top and white jeans on Saturday night

Emily Ratajkowski made a stunning appearance in Los Angeles over the weekend, dressed in a casual outfit comprising of a silk top and white jeans. The actress, well-known for her beautiful brunette hair, let it loose around her youthful face. Recently, Emily participated in an Easter-themed photo shoot for Love magazine, where she put on lingerie and bunny ears, striking some sexy poses with a bunny model. The steamy shoot came amidst controversy regarding her husband, Sebastian Bear-McClard, who faced accusations of living in a posh New York apartment without paying rent due to a loophole. Emily fiercely defended her husband against the allegations.

Impressive: Daring to impress, the I Feel Pretty actress let her trademark brunette tresses long and loose as they framed her youthful face

Impressively bold, the star of I Feel Pretty showcased her signature brown locks in a long and flowing style that perfectly highlighted her youthful appearance.

The New York Post has accused the husband of independent film producer and model Emily Ratajkowski of using a “loophole” to avoid paying rent for their Noho loft conversion. However, Ratajkowski defended her husband on Twitter and stated that he is “fighting the good fight” by not paying the demanded $5,000 per month. She added that her husband was not wealthy as people assumed and that he was raised in the same neighborhood where they currently live. Both of his parents are artists who were forced out of their downtown homes due to high prices.

Hop to it: Emily got into the Easter spirit with a scintillating set of snaps in skimpy lingerie posing with the Easter bunny on Sunday

Get ready for some Easter fun. Emily celebrated the holiday season by sharing a series of stunning photos on Sunday. She looked gorgeous in revealing lingerie while posing with a cute Easter bunny.

Steamy: During the Easter themed photo shoot for Love magazine, Emily slipped her ample assets into the lingerie as she donned bunny ears

Sizzling: Emily flaunted her curves in lingerie and bunny ears during a Love magazine photo shoot with an Easter theme.

According to her, she’s been living with him for a year now. She expressed her pride in his battle against a real estate giant that purchased their building for a whopping 40 million dollars and has been profiting by spreading false information about its occupants. Emily lamented the fact that NYC has undergone drastic changes and people in the creative industry are being pushed out of the city. In August of last year, she disclosed her secret to maintaining her stunning model physique even as she matured in her late twenties.

Sultry: Many a sultry pose were given as the gorgeous stunner playfully posed with the Easter bunny model

The stunning model struck many sultry poses while playing with an Easter bunny model. She confessed that she no longer eats excessive amounts of pizza or Mexican food and prioritizes washing her face before bed. In an interview with Byrdie, she emphasized the importance of self-care and how it becomes more apparent with age and maturity. As a young adult, she used to neglect washing her face before bed, but now she never skips this vital step. Additionally, she no longer indulges in excessive eating habits like ordering both Mexican food and an entire pizza.

Diet plans: 'And then there¿s just not stuffing my face anymore. I used to be the type of person who¿d get Mexican food and then an entire pizza and be like, oh whatever,' she said

When it comes to dieting, one simple approach is just to avoid overeating. An individual who used to indulge in a combination of Mexican food and pizza with little regard for the consequences has now reconsidered such unhealthy habits.

Eternal: Emily posted a color snap from the shoot and captioned it: 'My Eteranl Easter vibe'

Emily shared a colorful picture from the photo session and wrote alongside it, ‘My everlasting Easter mood.’

Rear view: Emily's pert derriere was thrust on center stage

From behind, Emily’s well-shaped buttocks were prominently highlighted.

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