“Setbacks derail Megan Fox’s ‘Expendables’ spin-off inspired by ‘Ocean’s 8′”

The Expendables franchise appears to be heading downhill as the recent movie in Sylvester Stallone’s series has faced severe backlash. The fourth part of the franchise was lackluster in every way and received criticism on multiple grounds. The negative response towards the latest release has also put a question mark on the upcoming female-led film that was being worked on for an extended period.

In 2012, discussions on creating a female-led version of The Expendables were already in the works. This approach has been gaining traction in various franchises, including Pirates of the Caribbean. As evidenced by the success of Sandra Bullock’s Ocean’s 8, an all-female cast can draw crowds. However, as of late, the fate of The Expendables’ female spin-off is uncertain.

Sylvester Stallone created the Expendables series to pay homage to the action films of the past. This franchise is renowned for gathering iconic action stars all in one place, however, some of the industry’s biggest names, such as Jackie Chan, have turned down invitations. Nevertheless, the first three movies were extremely successful. Recently, it was revealed that Megan Fox will be part of the cast for the fourth installment.

Similar to the Ocean’s series, Stallope had plans for a female-led spin-off called The Expendabelles. This movie was expected to feature renowned actresses like Cameron Diaz, Milla Jovovich, and Sigourney Weaver. Unfortunately, there has been no progress in the development of the movie. When asked about the status of the spin-off, Les Weldon, the producer of Expendables, expressed his pessimism as scheduling such movies is quite challenging. He also mentioned that it was easier to make the first movie in 2008-2009 because they already had an idea of which action stars they wanted to cast, and everyone was eager to participate.

WeldoĞ¿ suggests that starting a major project involving multiple participants can be quite tough due to issues like scheduling clashes and lack of dedication. But as per the latest reports, it seems that there won’t be a movie like Ocean’s 8 with an Expendables-type cast anytime soon. Could you give us an update on the current performance of Expendables 4 in cinemas?

The Expendables movie failed to impress audiences due to its subpar CGI, underwhelming cast, and lack of original characters from the previous films. It had the poorest opening of all the franchise’s installments, only generating $8 million in its domestic debut. With a total worldwide box office gross of $33.9 million and negative word-of-mouth, it can be deemed a significant failure. Even though Megan Fox’s appearance suggests the possibility of a female-led spin-off, there appear to be no plans to revive the franchise with another attempt, and there is little for fans to anticipate in the near future.

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