“Riding in Style: Selena Gomez Flaunts Her Fashion Line on A Classic Convertible”

Rocking on the road! Selena Gomez dances on top of a classic convertible as she films an advert for her new clothing range

Selena Gomez is having a blast as she shoots an advertisement for her latest clothing collection while cruising on the street! The pop sensation was spotted dancing on a vintage convertible as the cameras rolled.

Beach babe: The shoot was designed to look like Selena had driven to the coast and was relaxing on her car by the waves

The photoshoot aimed to portray Selena as a beach babe who had taken a leisurely drive to the coast and was now enjoying the ocean view while lounging on her car.

Thirsty work: Selena stops for a drink and to take a breather

Thirsty work: Selena stops for a drink and to take a breather

Quenching her thirst: Selena takes a quick break to hydrate and catch her breath.

All change: In a new outfit, Selena was back on the car as fireworks lit up the screen...

Selena made a stunning appearance on the screen as she donned a brand new outfit and hopped back onto the car amidst a spectacular display of fireworks.

before taking to her feet for a dance

before taking to her feet for a dance

…prior to standing up and swaying to the rhythm of the music.

On the open road: Selena changes into yet another outfit from her range as the back screen changes into a scene of the vast American countryside

As Selena cruises along the highway, she switches up her attire once again, donning another ensemble from her clothing collection. Meanwhile, the backdrop behind her transforms into a breathtaking vista of the expansive American countryside.

Sitting pretty: Selena looks like she is all ready for a road trip

Looking comfortable: Selena appears to be fully prepared for a long excursion on the road.

Hitting the road: Selena grabs her suitcase from the back of the car...

As Selena embarks on her journey, she swiftly retrieves her suitcase from the car’s rear end.

... and heads off into the sunset

As the sun begins to set, the individual departs and moves towards the horizon.

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