“London Sighting: Megan Fox Joins Jason Statham and Sylvester Stallone for Expendables 4 Filming in Casual Athleisure Attire”

Megan Fox was spotted on Monday showing off her toned body while taking a walk during the filming of Expendables 4. The actress, who is 35 years old, looked absolutely gorgeous in STAX leggings that fit her curves perfectly, paired with a low-cut athleisure top. She wore comfortable trainers, carried a script, and three large water bottles, leaving her hair open. Meanwhile, the filming featured Jason Statham and Sylvester Stallone shooting their scenes in the city. Jason, 54 years old, had fake blood splattered on his face, while the 75-year-old Sylvester enjoyed a cigar.

On set: Megan Fox, 35, showed off her toned figure on Monday when she was spotted strolling around the set of Expendables 4 wearing clinging STAX leggings and a low-cut athleisure top

While on set for Expendables 4, Megan Fox, presently 35, was observed strolling around wearing a cozy pair of STAX leggings and an athletic top that showed off her well-toned body, complete with a low-cut neckline.

Co-stars: Actors Jason Statham and Sylvester Stallone also filmed scenes in the capital, with 54-year-old Jason sporting splatters of blood on his face and Sylvester, 75, puffing on a cigar

Make-up: Jason wore blood splatter on his face

The highly anticipated movie starring Jason Statham and Sylvester Stallone was recently captured on film in London. The scene involved Jason sporting some fake blood on his face, while Sylvester was seen enjoying a cigar. Eddie Hall, the British Strongman also known as “The Beast,” joined the cast donning a tank top with his name on it and eating an orange. Jason was dressed casually in a black beanie, combat pants, a vest, and a khaki waterproof coat paired with lace-up boots. Similarly, Sylvester wore a military beret with his combat trousers and lace-up boots. Back in October, Sylvester took to Instagram to share that he had flown to the UK to work on this much-awaited blockbuster.

Bombshell: The brunette bombshell wore her hair loose and clutched three large bottles of water and a script as she made her way across set, opting for comfort in trainers

High spirits: Megan was in high spirits

Attention-grabbing News: The stunning dark-haired woman went for a laid-back appearance, letting her locks flow freely while lugging around three large water bottles and a script as she made her way through the set. She went for practicality by opting for comfy sneakers.

Hydrated: Megan clutched two large bottles of water and a script

With her hands clutching onto two sizable water bottles and a script, Megan seemed to be on top of her hydration game.

Immaculate: The screen star was sporting an immaculate manicure as she strolled across set

As she strolled onto the scene, the renowned actress proudly showed off her impeccably polished nails.

Hair down: Megan pushed her loose, glossy tresses from her face while chatting to her assistant

Bag: She carried a rucksack

As she chatted with her assistant, Megan casually pushed her shiny hair out of her face, allowing it to cascade down her back.

Phone: Megan also clutched her phone in her left hand

With a firm grip, Megan clung onto her mobile phone using her left hand.

Glam: The mother-of-two was sporting a full face of glam

Toned: Megan showed off her toned legs

The mother of two had a radiant expression on her face, exuding glamour.

In character: Sylvester also wore combat trousers, lace up boots and a vest, topping his look off with a military beret

Sylvester rounded out his attire by pairing his combat trousers with a pair of sturdy lace-up boots and a sleek vest. To exude a hint of militaristic style, he donned a fashionable beret as the finishing touch.

Starring role: Sly starred in and directed the series' debut instalment in 2010, and went on to reprise his role in two sequels

Gloves: He wore leather gloves

In 2010, Sylvester Stallone played a dual role as the lead actor and director in the series’ inaugural installment. He reprised his character in two subsequent films.

UK: Sylvester recently jetted to the UK in order to work on the upcoming blockbuster, he revealed in an October Instagram post

In October of last year, Sylvester took to Instagram and announced that he had traveled to the United Kingdom for a special project related to an upcoming blockbuster movie.

Outfit: Jason donned a black beanie, black combat trousers and wore a vest layered over a khaki waterproof coat as he stomped around set in heavy lace-up boots

Appearance: Jason was seen wearing a stylish black beanie, along with combat pants and a waterproof khaki jacket layered over a vest. He completed his look with sturdy lace-up boots that made a noticeable thumping noise as he strolled around the set.

Gloves: Jason also donned heavy padded black gloves

Jason sported thickly cushioned black gloves.

Masks: Members of the film's crew wore face masks

While filming the new Expendables movie in England, the crew was spotted wearing masks to ensure safety during these unprecedented times. A cast member shared a picture of himself posing in a mirrored tunnel, looking dapper. The first Expendables movie, directed and starred by Sylvester Stallone, was released in 2010 and was followed by two sequels. Fans were thrilled to see the recent post featuring the cast, which received a lot of attention on social media. Famous actors such as Dolph Lundgren, Harrison Ford, Jean-Claude Van Damme, Wesley Snipes, Antonio Banderas, Mickey Rourke, Bruce Willis, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Mel Gibson, and many others liked the post, showing their support for the upcoming movie.

Chatting away: Jason appeared deep in conversation with a member of crew

Jason found himself engrossed in an animated exchange with a member of the team.

Happy to be on set: Jason appeared keen to be back doing what he does best

Jason appeared to be overjoyed to return to the set and engage in his passion.

Working hard: British Strongman Eddie Hall - aka The Beast - was also on set in the capital this week

Trainers: The Beast wore trainers

An individual who goes by the name Eddie Hall, also known as The Beast, and is well-known in Britain’s strongman community, was seen recording something in the city earlier this week. It seems like he puts in a lot of effort towards his work.

Snack: The World's Strongest Man 2017 & Deadlift World Record Holder, 33, wearing a tank bearing his name as he tucked into an orange

Munchies: Witnessed was a man of 33 years old, who goes by the name of World’s Strongest Man 2017 and also holds the Deadlift World Record. He was indulging in an orange while sporting his very own name on a tank top.

Cardigan: Megan kept the London chill at bay beneath a black cardigan

Megan managed to keep herself cozy on a cold day in London by donning a stylish black cardigan.

Hair band: On her left wrist, Megan wore a thin black hairband

Box-fresh: Megan slipped into box-fresh trainers

On Megan’s left wrist, there was a black hairband that she wore. The fourth installment of the Expendables series boasts fresh faces like Andy Garcia, Tony Jaa, 50 Cent, and Megan. In the previous movie, released in 2014, the Expendables took on Stonebanks (Mel Gibson), their co-founder who aimed to annihilate the team. The next project in the franchise is The Expendabelles, which will feature a mostly female cast. According to TIME, producer Avi Lerner revealed that they are still fine-tuning the script’s final lines and have plenty of ideas for the forthcoming movie’s cast.

Stubble: Jason sported face stubble

Jason had a bit of facial hair growth, specifically some stubble.

Action man: Jason is known for his roles in some of the biggest action blockbusters

Jason has gained popularity due to his outstanding roles played in numerous blockbuster action films.

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