“Kim Kardashian’s Sensational Bikini Photoshoot in the Comfort of Her Walk-In Closet”

Last month, Kim Kardashian faced a lot of criticism after she shared that she had celebrated her 40th birthday on a private island during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Recently, the reality TV star took some time to reflect in her spacious walk-in closet at her Calabasas home. As she reflected, Kim Kardashian was dressed in a seductive manner, wearing a small white bikini that accentuated her tan and famous physique.

Kim Kardashian was seen relaxing on a soft suede bench, surrounded by her vast collection of boots and Birkins. She struck a pose with her hands resting atop her head while flaunting her stunning ruby red tresses styled in two intricately woven French braids. To add a touch of gentleness to her look, Kim left some of her bangs free, allowing them to flow down her face gracefully.

Kardashian rocked her classic soft brown smokey eye, complete with wispy fake lashes and a perfectly lined cat eye. Her full lips were enhanced with a touch of lip liner and a generous application of lip gloss. To accentuate her already defined features, she used a warm-toned bronzer to contour her face.

Kim looked stunning in her beautiful swimwear that accentuated her chest and made her waist appear even smaller. Her Instagram post featuring this self-portrait has received almost 1 million likes. Although Kim didn’t mention the reason for sharing this picture, she may still be affected by the negative comments she received after her birthday trip in October.

Kim Kardashian, the CEO of SKIMS, recently celebrated her milestone birthday by arranging a luxurious family and friends getaway. She announced the event on Twitter and Instagram, revealing that the one-week trip took place on the private island of Marlon Brando in Tahiti. According to Page Six, the lavish holiday reportedly cost around $1 million. Kim shared pictures from the extravagant vacation and explained that everyone present had to undergo COVID testing and quarantine for two weeks to create a semblance of normality, if only for a brief moment in time.

In her recent Instagram and Twitter posts, Kim expressed gratitude for turning 40 and being blessed in life. She mentioned that she values every single day, especially during these challenging times when we are reminded of what truly matters. For her birthday celebration, she spent time with people who have contributed to making her the woman she is today. She added that before the COVID-19 pandemic, people did not appreciate the simple luxury of traveling and spending time together with loved ones in a secure environment.

I recently treated my closest friends and family to a special getaway on a private island. Before we embarked on this trip, we took all the necessary precautions by undergoing health screenings and quarantining to ensure everyone’s safety. Our aim was to forget about the current state of the world and enjoy some normalcy for a brief period. During our stay, we engaged in fun activities such as dancing, biking, whale watching, kayaking, and even watched a movie on the beach. I recognize that not many people have the luxury of experiencing such a trip, and it reminded me of how fortunate my life has been. As I celebrate turning 40, I am humbled by this experience. #thisis40.

After the post was shared online, many people on social media went on to express their disapproval towards the Kardashian family for embarking on a trip during a pandemic. Given how many lives and jobs have been affected by this crisis, it was seen as insensitive. However, despite the backlash, Kim and her family members have continued to share pictures and videos from their ‘once in a lifetime’ experience across their social media accounts.

Kim has been quite occupied lately, not only enjoying her exceptional lifestyle but also promoting the upcoming launch of the newest SKIMS collection. The SKIMS Slides, which everyone is eagerly awaiting, will be released on Tuesday, November 24, and will be available on the brand’s website. These comfortable sandals are crafted by hand with luxurious faux fur and made in Italy.

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