“Inside Emily Ratajkowski’s Stylish New Apartment After Splitting with Ex-Boyfriend Sebastian Bear-McClard”

Emily Ratajkowski delighted her followers by sharing some selfies taken in her new home on Thursday. The renowned Vogue model was seen in an apartment with a bed that appeared slightly disheveled, placed on a wooden floor unlike her previous abode where she had a bedframe that was gray in color. It looked as if she had relocated recently. Unfortunately, the day before, the stunning model was witnessed moving out of the residence she shared with her spouse Sebastian Bear-McClard. This occurred amidst rumors of him being unfaithful to the supermodel.

New place: Emily Ratajkowski shared selfies taken in her new home on Thursday. The Vogue model was seen in an apartment with a messy unmade bed with no bedframe on a wood floor. It appeared as if she had just moved in

Emily Ratajkowski brought joy to her followers by sharing selfies taken in her new home. The gorgeous Vogue model was spotted in a comfortable apartment with a casually untidy bed, situated on a bare wooden floor, which suggested that she had recently settled in.

Her last bed: This is how her old bed in the apartment she shared with now ex Sebastian Bear McClard looked; photo from 2019

The image shared shows Emily’s old bed from her former apartment with her ex-partner, Sebastian Bear McClard, taken in 2019. Emily looks stunning in an olive green mini skirt and a tied-up top, accentuating her slim frame. She completed the look with a pair of black cowgirl boots, hoop earrings, and loose hair, which added to her allure. This spontaneous photoshoot might have given Emily a much-needed break from her hectic schedule. Recently, Emily was seen moving out of the apartment she shared with Bear-McClard and into her new personal space in New York.

Cute look: She was wearing a skimpy skirt that made the most of her lean physique. She also had on a top that was tied in front as she added cowgirl boots. She also had on hoop earrings as her hair was down

She looked adorable in a stylish ensemble, featuring a short skirt that highlighted her slender body, matched with a cropped blouse and cowgirl boots. Her overall appearance was polished by the addition of hoop earrings and free-flowing locks. Despite announcing her separation in July, the gorgeous brunette has been actively engaging with her followers by sharing intimate snapshots from her daily routine. She seems to be coping well after parting ways with her former partner and is now entirely focused on raising their 16-month-old son Sylvester. However, rumors have it that their separation resulted from Sebastian’s alleged infidelity, with insider sources labeling him as a “serial cheater.” Comedian and social media influencer Claudia Oshry also confirmed that Ratajkowski intends to file for a divorce.

Move day: The day before beauty was seen moving out of the pad she shared with husband Bear-McClard. They split following rumours that he had cheated on the supermodel

Emily Ratajkowski was all set to move out of her shared abode with her husband, Bear-McClard. However, just before the move, rumors about his unfaithfulness started doing the rounds. Emily sought help from a female friend for the move, and they quickly packed bags and plants into a car before making their way out. Despite the split, Emily remained unperturbed, displaying her fearless persona in bold and sensuous photographs.

Taking her pooch out: The siren was seen walking her dog Colombo in the same outfit

During a leisurely walk with her adorable pet Colombo, the siren was noticed donning the very same attire.

Looking good after the split: Emily has not dropped her style bar even though her married appears to be over for good

Shades: She was also seen in a pair of thin sunglasses

Despite her separation from her husband Sebastian, Emily remains on top of the fashion game. A recent sighting showed her donning a pair of stylish sunglasses. Emily and Sebastian’s love story began on Valentine’s Day in 2018, leading to a civil ceremony in New York City shortly after. Fans were caught off guard when Emily revealed her secret marriage via an Instagram slideshow featuring various snaps of herself and her new husband. In one of the pictures, Sebastian can be seen kissing her cheek while sporting two gold rings inscribed with ‘EM’ and ‘RATA.’

So four years ago: The Inamorata founder and Sebastian first started dating on Valentine's Day in 2018 and were married in a civil ceremony in New York City just a few weeks later. 'Soooo I have a surprise,' Ratajkowski captioned an Instagram slideshow. 'I got married today'

On Valentine’s Day in 2018, the founder of Inamorata and Sebastian began their romantic relationship, and shortly afterward, they got married in a civil ceremony in New York City. Emily Ratajkowski surprised her followers with the news of her wedding on Instagram. Despite criticism over the quick timing of their marriage following Ratajkowski’s recent breakup with her previous fiancé, she defended her decision in an interview with Marie Claire and spoke out against societal pressure for women to conform to traditional marriage expectations. Recently, the couple was spotted happily vacationing together in Italy in mid-June.

A new life as a single lady: The star in one of her Inamorata suits at a Bad Bunny concert

Embracing independence: The famous individual confidently showed off her gorgeous Inamorata attire while enjoying a Bad Bunny show.

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