“From Empowering Words to Lasting Memories: Emily Ratajkowski’s Encouraging Hunter College Commencement Address”

Emily Ratajkowski is a woman of many talents, with a successful career as a model, actress, writer, and political activist. She recently added another feather to her cap by serving as a commencement speaker for a college in New York City. Her speech was inspiring and heartfelt, and she spoke with humility and sincerity to the graduating class of 2023 at Hunter College.

Class act! Emily Ratajkowski delivered an inspiring commencement address to the class of 2023 at Hunter College in New York City on Thursday

During the graduation ceremony at Hunter College in New York City, Emily Ratajkowski delivered a memorable speech to the winter graduates of 2023. Wearing a lovely violet cap and gown, she shared her personal story of dropping out of college to pursue modeling during the financial crisis of 2008. Emily revealed that she had chosen to forego her college graduation due to concerns about student loan debt and the belief that her modeling career had a limited shelf-life. This meant that she had to sacrifice continuing her education despite her strong desire to learn and create. Nevertheless, Emily’s speech served as an inspiration to all, reminding us that it’s never too late to return to our passions and pursue our dreams, even if life takes us in different directions.

Taking the stage: Emily, who briefly attended UCLA before dropping out, donned a violet cap and gown as she addressed the winter graduates from the podium

Taking the next level: Emily, who previously attended UCLA but left early, donned a beautiful violet graduation gown and cap as she addressed the winter graduating class from the stage.

'Humbled and honored': Ratajkowski beamed with joy as she celebrated the class of 2023

Red-y or not! She rocked a bold pair of crimson ankle boots

Ratajkowski expressed her gratitude and happiness as she cheered on the class of 2023. She also candidly spoke about the challenges of being a mother to her son Sylvester, whom she co-parents with her ex-partner, Sebastian Bear-McClard. Emily shared some of the daily responsibilities that come with motherhood, such as washing bottles, waking up early to monitor her baby’s temperature, soothing him back to sleep, and changing countless diapers. As a speaker, she urged graduates to take a moment to pause and acknowledge their progress, emphasizing the significance of practicing self-reflection despite its difficulty.

'The thousand of diapers I have changed': She also discussed her son Sylvester, nearly two, whom she shares with her ex Sebastian Bear-McClard

During her talk, she brought up the subject of her dear son, Sylvester, who is almost two years old and being raised by both her and her former partner, Sebastian Bear-McClard. She shared how much time she has spent changing diapers for her little bundle of joy.

'Find the moments to pause': Emily urged graduates to find time to 'pause' and take note of their progress

During her speech, Emily encouraged the graduating class to take a moment to reflect on their achievements and to appreciate how far they’ve come. She stressed the importance of taking breaks in life in order to avoid burnout and to maintain a healthy balance. Emily also expressed her admiration for the students’ perseverance and strength in overcoming the various challenges they faced throughout their academic journey. She acknowledged that each student had their own unique struggles, which made their accomplishments all the more impressive. Some had to manage multiple jobs while pursuing their degrees, while others battled illnesses or were the first in their families to attain a college degree. Emily praised the graduates for their exceptional achievements and wished them the best of luck as they move forward in life.

Accomplished: Ratajkowski is a New York Times bestselling author, influencer, and model and actress

Accomplished: Ratajkowski has had an impressive track record in her various career paths, ranging from modeling and acting to wielding influence as a social media personality. She has also authored a successful book that even secured a spot on the prestigious New York Times bestseller list.

Strike a pose: She beamed whilst posing in her violet cap and gown

With a bright smile and a proud display of her purple academic regalia, Emily celebrated the achievements of mature students who have faced challenges and had the courage to return to their studies. She acknowledged the hard work and determination of mothers who temporarily put their education on hold but returned to school to better themselves. Emily felt honored and humbled to be among the graduates on their special day. In a separate photo, she showed her support for the students while standing next to the school’s mascot.

It's an honor! She posed with the President of Hunter College, Jennifer J. Raab

What a fantastic opportunity! She got a snapshot with Jennifer J. Raab, the esteemed President of Hunter College.

'Thank you so much for having me': Emily gave graduates another shout-out as she posed by the school's mascot

Emily expressed her appreciation for the graduates and posed with the school’s mascot, conveying her gratitude for being invited to speak at their graduation ceremony. She took to her Instagram Stories to congratulate the Class of ’23 and acknowledge their achievements. The President of Hunter College, Jennifer J. Raab, praised Emily as a modern-day Renaissance woman who embodies versatility in the digital age. Raab believes that Emily’s ability to transition seamlessly from TV to modeling to acting and even becoming a best-selling author serves as an excellent lesson for all graduates. We are delighted that Emily Ratajkowski shared her insights with our graduates and their families.

Trailblazer: In a press release announcing Emily as this year's speaker, Hunter College president Jennifer J. Raab praised the model as a 'Renaissance woman for our digital age'

A fresh statement has been released, disclosing that Emily is set to speak at the upcoming occasion. Hunter College’s president, Jennifer J. Raab, hailed the model as a “Renaissance woman for our digital age” and commended her for being an innovator.

'What an honor!' Emily posted a snap of her speech to her Instagram account

“Wow, this is incredible!” Emily exclaimed as she posted a photo of her presentation on Instagram, feeling grateful for the recognition.

Stage presence: The post included snippets of her moving speech

The piece highlighted some impressive moments from her performance at the occasion.

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