“From Attitude to Action: How Bruce Willis’ On Set Behavior Led to Jason Statham’s $315 Million Franchise Takeover”

Following his collaboration with Luc Besson on The Fifth Element, Robert Mark Kamen once again teamed up with his screenwriting partner to create Jason Statham’s action-packed franchise, The Transporter. The success of The Fifth Element was unusual, as it tackled a subject that most big-budget science fiction films had never attempted before. Thanks to Kamen and Besson’s clever screenplay, the film became a box office hit.

The movie “The Fifth Element” released in 1997 witnessed an interesting compromise between Luc Besson and Bruce Willis during their collaboration on the film. More details on this matter will follow in the subsequent paragraphs. Due to the difficult attitude of Willis on set, Besson found it challenging to work with him. As a result, Besson decided to replace him with the relatively unknown Jason Statham for the movie “The Transporter”. This eventually paved the way for Statham’s rise in Hollywood.

Luc Besson, who worked on “The Fifth Element,” realized that the main actor, Bruce Willis, was not accustomed to filming at such a fast pace. To solve this issue, Besson made a deal with Willis to work for four days a week instead of five, but to be present on set next to Besson’s camera box and shoot intensively during those four days. Willis agreed, and he was pleased with the shorter, more concise schedule. However, Willis proved to be challenging to work with, which Besson managed to work around. After this experience, Besson decided to create his own movie stars, which he achieved with the creation of Jason Statham in “The Transporter.”

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Bruce Willis is known for being a challenging individual to work with in the film industry. Some filmmakers have reported that collaborating with the Die Hard actor can be quite difficult due to his tendency to be argumentative, uncooperative, and demanding on set. However, it is precisely because of Willis’ off-set attitude that Jason Statham landed his most significant role to date.

Statham’s breakthrough role can be attributed to Willis’ challenging behavior, which reportedly pushed the younger actor to perform at his best. Despite the difficulties of working alongside Willis, Statham rose to the occasion and delivered an outstanding performance that ultimately propelled his career to new heights.

Jason Statham rose to fame with his breakthrough role in the action thriller franchise, The Transporter. The franchise consisted of four films and a television series released between 2002 and 2015, grossing nearly $315 million worldwide. Statham played the lead character, Frank Martin, a professional freelance courier driver for hire, in the first three movies. For his performance in the first movie, he reportedly earned $750,000. However, he did not appear in the fourth sequel, The Transporter Refueled, as the filmmakers wanted him to sign on for three more films without even seeing a script and offered him less money than what he would earn for one film. According to Statham, it was a business decision.

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