“From Action-Packed to Disappointing: The Rock’s Hobbs & Shaw Fails to Meet Expectations with $760M Earnings”

The possibility of a sequel to Hobbs & Shaw has been highly anticipated by audiences, but it seems unlikely due to Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s confirmed return in Fast & Furious 11. The Fast & Furious franchise is renowned for its action-packed movies and boasts a strong cast, including Vin Diesel and Jason Statham. However, the underperformance of the first Hobbs & Shaw movie makes a sequel a risky move for both the franchise and Johnson’s success.

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After much anticipation for the sequel of the Fast & Furious spin-off, Hobbs & Shaw 2, it seems highly unlikely now that Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson has confirmed his return in Fast & Furious 11. The Fast & Furious franchise is an iconic action series that started in 2001 and currently has ten movies with more to come. The movies focus on street racing, espionage, heists, and family. The franchise has had many memorable actors such as Vin Diesel, Michelle Rodriguez, Jason Statham, and Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson who have grounded the series.

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In 2019, the Fast & Furious franchise took a unique move by releasing a spinoff movie called Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw, also known as Hobbs & Shaw. The plot revolves around Dwayne Johnson’s character Hobbs and Jason Statham’s character Shaw teaming up to take down an evil cyborg soldier named Brixton Lorr. Although the movie was not considered the best in the franchise, it still received some praise for the comedic tension between Johnson and Statham. Since then, fans have been eagerly anticipating a sequel to Hobbs & Shaw, but unfortunately, the possibility of it happening has become increasingly unlikely. The future of the Fast & Furious franchise seems to confirm that Hobbs & Shaw 2 won’t be happening.

In the latest addition to the popular franchise, Fast and Furious, Dwayne Johnson appeared in an end-credits scene confirming his return to the series, which unfortunately cancels any chance of a Hobbs and Shaw sequel. Johnson had been noticeably absent from the franchise ever since the eighth installment due to a feud with Vin Diesel. However, it seems that their past differences are now behind them as Johnson is set to play Luke Hobbs once again in Fast and Furious 11. This unfortunately means that we won’t be seeing a Hobbs and Shaw 2 anytime soon.

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The release of Hobbs & Shaw in 2019 marked the absence of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson from Fast & Furious’ eighth installment and Jason Statham’s brief cameo in F9. It was assumed that both actors had time to star in Hobbs & Shaw due to their absence from the franchise’s main film. However, if both Statham and Johnson are set to appear in Fast & Furious 11, there will be no time for a sequel to Hobbs & Shaw. Additionally, with both actors returning to the main franchise, a sequel to Hobbs & Shaw seems unnecessary. Therefore, it can be concluded that Hobbs & Shaw 2 was not a good idea anyway.

Unfortunately, Hobbs & Shaw 2 may not have been the best option after all. Despite being a fan favorite, the movie did not perform exceptionally well, making the success of a sequel uncertain. Although Dwayne Johnson is now one of the highest-paid actors in Hollywood, this doesn’t guarantee the success of a Hobbs & Shaw sequel. If it failed, it would not only harm the franchise but also Johnson’s career. Therefore, creating Hobbs & Shaw 2 at this point seems too risky. However, there may be a chance that the spinoff could return someday when there is more demand for it.

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