Exploring the Magic of Jackson Station: A Day Trip to Black Adam 2

The post states that the film Black Adam is now being edited after finishing its filming, which marks a significant moment for Dwayne Johnson who has waited over a decade for this. He has reportedly put a lot of thought into what he wants to see in the DC sequel, and according to a reliable inside source, he desires Jason Statham to be part of the cast for Black Adam 2.

According to an anonymous source, Dwayne Johnson and Jason Statham have a close friendship. However, the source was unable to confirm whether Jason Statham will be involved in the DC Extended Universe. Nonetheless, Dwayne Johnson is reportedly working hard to secure his friend a role in the franchise. It seems that The Rock is confident that Statham will accept the part once it is offered to him. This aligns with Johnson’s tendency to collaborate with people he enjoys working with, such as Kevin Hart. On the other hand, he has spoken publicly about not wanting to work with Vin Diesel again and refusing to return to the main Fast & Furious films. Given his strong bond with Statham, it is no surprise that Johnson wants to involve him in Black Adam 2. The only question is, what character will he play?

It is highly probable that Dwayne Johnson might be interested in portraying a character from the Justice Society of America (JSA) in his upcoming movie, Black Adam. The said movie will feature JSA characters such as Doctor Fate, Cyclone, Hawkman, and Atom-Smasher. For the sequel, likely candidates from the comics could include Hourman or The Spectre (also known as Jim Corrigan). However, Sandman would be an intriguing choice for Jason Statham to play. He is typically portrayed wearing a mask and does not appear often in the comics. Furthermore, he is a more rugged character from the JSA. Given Statham’s inclination towards rougher roles in the past, his take on Sandman could be a delightful addition to the DC Extended Universe.

It appears that there are talks about potential spinoffs for the characters introduced in the upcoming movie, Black Adam. Hiram Garcia, one of the producers, has stated that they have been having internal discussions not just for the sequel, but for other standalone projects as well. However, the success of the first film will determine whether these plans come to fruition. It remains to be seen whether Jason Statham will have a small role working alongside Dwayne Johnson or a larger part that could lead to his own spinoff projects.

Dwayne Johnson and Jason Statham previously appeared together in Hobbs & Shaw, a spinoff of the Fast & Furious franchise. In that movie, they were pitted against each other and often engaged in physical fights. Johnson has promised that his upcoming role as Black Adam in the DC Extended Universe will shake up the hierarchy and involve a lot of violence. While it’s unclear what role Statham might play, it’s likely that their characters will clash, even if they’re on the same side.

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