“Emily Ratajkowski Radiates Elegance in a Fiery Ensemble, Showcasing Her Fit Midriff Amid Acknowledged Relationship with Pete Davidson”

Emily Ratajkowski was seen donning a coat after announcing her romance with Pete Davidson, and later she appeared in a more stunning outfit in New York City. Even though she was wearing a covered-up attire, she still managed to showcase her toned abs by pairing it up with a black crop top that had a low-cut neckline and buckle strap. As she walked down the streets, the 31-year-old model looked effortlessly beautiful and confident.

Working it! Emily Ratajkowski's abs made an appearance as she stepped out in a second, more glammed up look in New York on Thursday

Last Thursday, Emily Ratajkowski was seen sporting another stylish outfit on the streets of New York. She proudly displayed her toned abs in a fitted black skirt that complemented her well-toned legs. The skirt was paired with stunning knee-high boots that added a touch of elegance to the look. Emily accessorized with a small black leather purse that had a thick gold strap, sunglasses, and big gold earrings. Her straight and sleek hair was styled beautifully, with her bangs occasionally falling over her eyes. Emily enhanced her already striking features with bold eye makeup and a hint of rosy blush.

New couple alert! The revelation comes after Emily confirmed her romance with Pete by sharing a loving embrace

Well, well, well, look who’s making waves in the gossip world. A fresh pair of lovebirds has emerged, catching everyone’s attention. Just a few hours after confirming their romantic relationship with an adorable hug, the couple was seen out and about, enjoying each other’s company.

Looking f-ab! The model, 31, wowed in a sexy black crop top with a plunging neckline and strap that buckled across her svelte abs

Stunning: She ramped up her natural beauty with an edgy coat of eye makeup and some rosy blush

Wow, did you see how stunning the model looked? Her toned abs were on full display in a black crop top with a plunging neckline that had a strap buckled across her midsection. Earlier that same day, she was seen in a completely different outfit – a fashionable black leather trench coat paired with fitted sweats and tan ankle boots. But the biggest news of all is that she confirmed her romantic relationship with comedian Pete Davidson as they were caught sharing a loving embrace for the first time. According to a source, it was her intelligence that initially caught the comedian’s attention.

Keeping it comfortable! The look is a contrast to the one she was spotted out earlier that day in - a fashionable black leather trench coat, black fitted sweats, and tan ankle boots

Opting for comfort, she decided to switch up her style from earlier in the day. She sported a chic black leather coat, paired with snug black sweatpants and cute light brown ankle boots.

Battling the cold in style! Emily was all bundled up earlier that day

Staying warm in style! Emily was completely bundled up earlier than usual. She was seen on a date with the actor and former member of Saturday Night Live in New York City, shortly after speculations about their romance emerged. Emily even brought a wrapped present for the actor’s birthday, a book from a nearby bookstore. But their first public appearance together didn’t go smoothly. Witnesses said that Pete arrived at Emily’s apartment in his Mini Cooper, but when photographers showed up, he left her alone on the street. Nevertheless, they both seemed pleased to see each other at first.

Stepping out: The author was seen out in another ab-baring look in New York on Wednesday

On Wednesday, Emily was seen in New York wearing a midriff-baring outfit once again. Despite potential disapproval from others, she remained unfazed and even used an Uber to meet up with her rumored love interest, Pete, in Brooklyn. The couple shared a touching embrace in the lobby of a residential building, with Pete looking quite pleased as he led her down the hallway. Emily celebrated Pete’s birthday alongside him at a party, but was later spotted returning home alone with only a water bottle, rather than a gift for her supposed beau.

Awkward! Pete and Sebastian have mingled in the same circle and both attended a basketball game together in 2020; pictured attending the Houston Rockets v New York Knicks in 2020

It’s a tad uncomfortable! Pete and Sebastian were both members of a clique and even attended a basketball showdown in 2020. They were photographed side by side during the Houston Rockets versus New York Knicks game.

Having a ball! The duo were spotted attending the game with director Josh Safdie

The comedic actor and actress were spotted having a great time at a game with film director Josh Safdie. Since his split with Kim Kardashian in August, the comedian has been making a comeback. He was known as one of Hollywood’s most popular ladies’ men, having dated famous women like Ariana Grande, Kate Beckinsale, Kaia Gerber, Margaret Qualley, and Phoebe Dynevor. Meanwhile, Emily was last spotted kissing DJ Orazio Rispo in New York City after separating from Sebastian Bear-McClard in September. It’s interesting to note that both Pete and Sebastian have run in the same circles. In fact, they attended a basketball game together in 2020 and Sebastian was the executive producer of Halina Reijn’s black comedy slasher Bodies Bodies Bodies, in which Pete starred.

Collaborating: Sebastian also executive produced Halina Reijn's black comedy slasher Bodies Bodies Bodies, in which Pete starred

Sebastian and Pete collaborated on the production of Halina Reijn’s comedic horror film, Bodies Bodies Bodies. Sebastian played the role of executive producer while Pete portrayed one of the main characters in the movie.

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