“Controversy Surrounds Kim Kardashian’s Birthday Celebration: From Flaunting Privilege to Disregarding COVID-19 Guidelines”

Kim Kardashian, who is known for her love of extravagant parties, went all out to mark her 40th birthday. However, flaunting her celebration during a global pandemic was not appreciated by some of her followers.

Kim Kardashian has been slammed for her 'tone deaf' 40th birthday celebrations

Critics have harshly criticized Kim Kardashian for her “insensitive” and “inappropriate” 40th birthday festivities.

She invited 40 pals, including sister Kourtney, to a private island bash

On Tuesday evening, the famous reality star, Kim Kardashian, faced backlash after sharing a series of pictures from her luxurious one-week-long party on a private island. Kim, who is believed to have a net worth of over one billion dollars, invited 40 of her closest friends and family to join her on the 4,000-mile trip to a private island near Tahiti. Her extravagant celebrations included beachside lantern parties, outdoor film screenings, and a three-tier Barbie doll cake. However, her followers criticized her for flaunting her glamorous lifestyle during the Covid-19 crisis while many people around the world are facing financial hardships and personal devastation.

The star and her friends travelled 4,000 miles to the island despite a travel ban

Despite a travel restriction, the famous personality and her companions went on a journey of 4,000 miles to reach the island. They braved the hurdles and managed to make it to their destination.

Fans pointed out that while Kim and her entourage relaxed, staff had to wear masks and wait on them hand and foot

Kim and her crew were seen enjoying their leisure time, but observant fans noticed that the staff members were diligently serving them while wearing masks.

The family tried to win sympathy by revealing Khloe (left) was struck down by Covid earlier this year

The Kardashian-Jenner family recently took a luxurious vacation, accompanied by Kourtney, Khloe, and Rob Kardashian, Kendall and Kylie Jenner, Kris Jenner, and Kanye West. While the family attempted to evoke sympathy by disclosing that Khloe had contracted Covid-19 earlier this year, their extravagant trip during a time when many are struggling financially and confined to their homes drew criticism from fans. The group stayed in lavish beachside villas and participated in daily excursions. Some were outraged that while the guests enjoyed luxurious treatment, the local staff had to wear masks and cater to their every need. The family also traveled from California, despite the state’s non-essential travel ban. Kanye West was previously condemned for a 24-hour trip to London with his daughter North, without quarantining upon his return.

All the guests were housed in opulent villas and taken out on daily excursions

All of the guests stayed in luxurious villas and went on daily excursions, as seen on Instagram. Piers Morgan, a TV host, criticized Kim for her boastful posts during a time of global crisis. He shared her photos and expressed his disgust, calling her a spoiled and insensitive person. One of Kim’s followers also commented negatively, pointing out how inappropriate it is to flaunt one’s privileged life while many others are still struggling with quarantine, online learning, and even death.

She was treated to extravagant flower arrangements, several cakes and lavish gifts

Kim Kardashian’s birthday celebrations have come under fire on social media, with some accusing her of being insensitive to the current global situation. Despite claiming to be “humbled” by her extravagant seven-day party, some users pointed out that many people are currently struggling financially and dealing with the loss of loved ones due to the pandemic. Others accused the star of not living in the “real world” and flaunting her wealth at a time when many are suffering. However, Kim insisted that all guests had taken tests and quarantined before attending the celebrations.

She insisted the seven-day party had been held safely

In the midst of the current pandemic, the woman in question expressed her gratitude for every single day and the things that truly matter. For her birthday, she wanted to spend it with those who have helped shape her into the woman she is today. She acknowledged how before COVID-19, the simple luxury of being able to travel and spend time with loved ones was taken for granted. However, after two weeks of health screenings and quarantine, she surprised her inner circle with a trip to a private island where they could pretend things were normal, even for just a brief moment. They had a seven-day party full of activities like dancing, riding bikes, kayaking, and watching movies on the beach. She understood that this experience was a privilege that most people cannot enjoy at the moment, and she was humbly reminded of her privilege. Upon returning home, she shared videos on social media of the expensive gifts she received, including extravagant flower arrangements, cakes, clothes, shoes, and even a food van selling her favorite desserts.

Kim's husband Kayne West joined her for the celebrations

Kim Kardashian’s husband, Kanye West, was present during the festivities, but the family faced criticism for their actions. To deflect from the backlash, they shared that Kim’s sister Khloe had contracted Covid-19 earlier this year. In a preview clip of an upcoming episode of their show Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Khloe can be heard describing her symptoms which included vomiting, shaking, headaches, and hot and cold flushes. She emphasized that the virus is real.

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