“Blondes Have More Fun: Emily Ratajkowski Shines in Platinum Wig for Spanish Photoshoot”

Emily Ratajkowski recently turned heads during a photo shoot in Chinchon, Spain, as she debuted a bold new look with a striking platinum blonde wig. The 31-year-old supermodel, known for her signature long brown locks, was seen posing in three different outfits for the creative team on set near Madrid. She looked absolutely stunning while sporting a dark beige crewneck sweater over a white button-up shirt, carrying two bags through the charming town. Meanwhile, rumors have been circulating about a possible romantic relationship between Emily and Harry Styles after they were caught sharing a steamy kiss in public.

On location: Emily Ratajkowski was spotted during a photoshoot that took place in the town of Chinchon, Spain earlier this month

Emily Ratajkowski was spotted in the charming locale of Chinchon, Spain, where she was occupied with a photography session.

Team effort: The 31-year-old supermodel was seen while interacting with several members of the shoot's creative team during her time on set, which was located not far from Madrid

While filming in the vicinity of Madrid, the 31-year-old supermodel was spotted engaging with various members of the creative team. She sported a white-and-red skirt featuring a large slit on its left side along with black high-heeled shoes, lending an edgy vibe to her ensemble. Later on, while enjoying coffee on a balcony in the city, she switched to a white robe and matching slippers. During the subsequent stages of the shoot, she ditched the robe to reveal a light yellow sleeveless top that showcased her toned midriff, paired with matching shorts highlighting her athletic legs. Her natural brunette tresses were styled into a lengthy ponytail secured with a black ribbon, which contrasted beautifully with the lighter hues of her attire. Finally, for the third portion of the shoot, the model wore a slightly oversized black coat along with a light beige top tucked neatly into a pair of light brown leather shorts.

A new look: Ratajkowski donned a blonde wig for much of the photoshoot, which alternatively took place in Chinchon's streets, as well as a private balcony

Looking new and different: Ratajkowski was seen wearing a blonde wig while striking poses in different settings including the streets of Chinchon and a private balcony.

Early in the morning: Ratajkowski later changed into a white robe and matching slippers while enjoying a cup of coffee on one of the city's balconies

As soon as the sun rose, Ratajkowski changed into a comfortable white bathrobe and snug slippers that matched it. She enjoyed her morning coffee while sitting on one of the balconies in the city.

Staying updated: The fashion industry mainstay checked her phone during one portion of the photoshoot

Staying Connected: While in the midst of a photoshoot, the experienced fashion industry professional took a quick peek at her phone.

Switching around: Ratajkowski went on to remove her blonde wig in between shoots

As the shooting progressed, Ratajkowski decided to ditch her blonde wig.

Layers: Ratajkowski eventually switched into a slightly oversized black overcoat for the third portion of the photoshoot

During the third part of the photo shoot, Ratajkowski donned a black coat that was slightly larger than her usual size. She paired this with black socks and matching slippers, adding to the overall darkness of her outfit. To complete her look, she wore striking gold earrings and styled her brown hair into a neat bun. Although Ratajkowski is most recognized for her modeling career, she has also gained popularity on social media platforms. In a recent interview with Elle, she revealed her love for creating content for her TikTok followers. Ratajkowski enjoys sharing unfiltered and spontaneous content that does not fit into one particular category. She believes that TikTok offers a unique space for conversation, something which Twitter has failed to achieve. She finds it exciting to share both glamorous content and personal musings with her fans through this platform.

Fashionable: The podcast host also wore a light beige top that was tucked into a pair of light brown leather shorts

Fashionable: The person hosting the podcast had a chic appearance with a light-colored beige blouse tucked perfectly into stylish light brown leather shorts.

Stepping in style: The author added extra elements of darkness to her look with black socks and matching slippers

Adding a stylish twist to their look, the author incorporated a hint of edginess by combining black socks with coordinating slippers.

All dolled up: The fashion industry mainstay went on to remove her outerwear to reveal a light yellow sleeveless top that showcased a slight portion of her chiseled midsection

Exuding elegance: The timeless icon of the fashion world proceeded to remove her outerwear, unveiling a delicate sleeveless yellow top that showcased a glimpse of her well-toned midsection.

Keeping it consistent: The runway regular paired her top with a matching set of shorts that exposed her toned thighs and legs

Maintaining consistency: The fashion model, who is known for her frequent appearances on the runway, paired her blouse with a matching set of shorts that highlighted her toned thighs and legs.

Contrast: Her natural brunette hair, which contrasted well with the light tone of her clothing, was tied into a lengthy ponytail that was partially held by a black ribbon

Contrast: Her bright clothing contrasted beautifully against her un-dyed, dark hair. She had skillfully pulled it back into a sleek ponytail, adorned with a chic black bow.

Shining bright: The supermodel accessorized with several pieces of sparkling jewelry

The gorgeous model elevated her appearance with some dazzling accessories that shone brightly. In a recent update, the popular celebrity revealed her latest venture into podcasting, expressing her eagerness to interact with her fans in a more laid-back manner. She highlighted the benefits of being able to communicate with subtlety and how starting a podcast fits perfectly with her busy lifestyle. Ratajkowski emphasized the importance of finding joy in the things that she can control, including her podcast, which has become a source of happiness for her.

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