“Behind the Scenes: Emily Ratajkowski’s Playful Photoshoot in Shaggy Wig and Racy Lingerie, Flaunting Her Curves”

Emily Ratajkowski has a massive Instagram following of over 15 million fans. She recently shared a sultry black-and-white photo on her Instagram stories, where she donned barely-there black lace lingerie and showed off her incredible backside. The stunning actress also posted a portrait where she sported a shaggy brown wig and wore a low-cut brown crop top. Keep scrolling for a video of the gorgeous actress.

Dare to bare: Emily left her loyal army of fans hot under the collar on Wednesday when she posed up a storm for a rather racy black and white snap via her Instagram stories

Emily Ratajkowski sent her fans into a frenzy when she shared a daring black and white photo on her Instagram stories. The sultry pose left her loyal followers feeling hot under the collar.

New look: Later the Gone Girl actress shared a portrait where she was wearing a brown shaggy wig as well as a brown crop top

Fresh appearance: Afterwards, the renowned actress from Gone Girl posted a picture of herself sporting a shaggy brown wig and a matching crop top in brown.

Before she slipped the wig on: Here the mannequin wore her natural locks with the same top

Prior to putting on the wig, the mannequin in the photograph had her natural hair styled in the same way. In another photo hosted in the cover story, the model was pictured alongside a DJ named Mike Nouveau, both of them posing with pursed lips in front of the camera. Emily showed off her toned midriff by pairing a black and white crop top with high-waisted PVC black trousers and shared a birthday greeting for her younger brother, @mikenouveau, alongside the post. Recently, the British model shared a couple of daring Polaroids on her Instagram account where she was lounging about in a tiny crop top over a black bra and comfortable black-striped grey sweats.

Social media sensation: The model and actress, 26, boasts an incredible 15 million followers on the photo-sharing site (pictured at Paris Fashion Week earlier this month)

She’s a social media superstar! At just 26 years old, this model and actress has amassed a whopping 15 million followers on her Instagram account. She recently made waves at Paris Fashion Week, where she dazzled with her fashion-forward looks.

Pals: The Gone Girl star's story also played host to a photo of herself with a DJ called Mike Nouveau, with the pair seen pouting into the camera lens 

Buddies: The narrative of the celebrity from Gone Girl was accompanied by a snapshot of her posing with DJ Mike Nouveau. They both had a pouty expression on their faces as they looked into the camera lens.

In a conversation with Naomi Wolf for Harper’s Bazaar, the actress Emily spoke about her tendency to share steamy photos of herself on social media. According to Emily, taking selfies is a way to reclaim control over one’s image and gaze. She believes that social media allows women to be more direct and unfiltered when communicating with their audience, which is an important aspect of feminism today. While some may criticize her for her provocative images, Emily refuses to take responsibility for how others perceive her actions. Instead, she sees social media as a powerful tool for self-expression and empowerment.

Dare to bare: The London-born beauty posted a couple of daring Polaroids to her Instagram page earlier this week

Taking a bold move, the stunning lady from London decided to share some daring Polaroids on her Instagram account recently.

Peachy: . Emily could be seen lounging about, wearing a tiny crop top over her black bra and looking comfortable in a pair of black-striped grey sweats  

Emily was spotted relaxing in a laid-back outfit consisting of a small crop top atop her black bra and a cozy pair of grey sweatpants with black stripes. She looked at ease and comfortable in her casual attire.

Emily, who gained popularity after starring in Robin Thicke’s Blurred Lines music video in 2013, was recently spotted diligently working on the set of her upcoming movie, Lying And Stealing, in Los Angeles. The film, directed by Matt Aselton, features the actress alongside the handsome British actor, Theo James. The plot revolves around a skillful art thief named Ivan (played by Theo) who excels in infiltrating and robbing the most affluent collectors in LA. Emily portrays Elyse, an aspiring actress dealing with her past mistakes in Hollywood and financial difficulties. Despite their differences, the two unite as talented con artists and embark on a risky heist that could change their fate.

The day job: Earlier this week, Emily  was seen hard at work on the set of her latest movie, Lying And Stealing, in Los Angeles

Emily was spotted working diligently on the filming location in Los Angeles for her newest film, Lying And Stealing, earlier this week.

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