Beach Babe Kim: Flaunting her Toned Body in a Scanty Bikini as She Claims to be at her Fittest Best

Kim Kardashian flaunted her toned figure during a beach trip in Malibu with her assistant and close friend Stephanie Shepherd. She had previously mentioned being in the best shape of her life due to her revamped fitness routine. The reality TV star’s platinum blonde locks flowed freely as she confidently showed off her curves in a high-cut string bikini. Her impeccable physique was a sight to behold.

Making a splash! Kim Kardashian was happy to prove she is in the best shape of her life as this week she slipped into a bikini when hitting the beach in Malibu

Kim Kardashian recently flaunted her toned physique in a bikini during her beach day in Malibu, showcasing that she is in the best shape of her life.

Back story: The TV icon was hard to miss with her flowing platinum blonde tresses and looked flawless in a tiny high-cut string bikini; with the star was her personal assistant Stephanie Sheppard

Context: The TV personality was easily noticeable due to her long, flowing platinum blonde hair. She looked stunning in a small, high-cut bikini, accompanied by her assistant Stephanie Sheppard.

A good way to get a late summer tan: The cover girl has been showing off her body in shoot after shoot so it's no wonder she hit the beach for a darker skin tone

A great way to achieve a late summer glow: The featured model has been proudly displaying her figure in various photo shoots, so it’s no surprise that she headed to the beach to amplify her tan. Kim, who was taken aback by unflattering snapshots of herself in a swimsuit back in April, exuded self-assurance in her skimpy black bikini that highlighted her curvy backside. Carrying a white towel and sunscreen, the reality TV star enjoyed the warm September weather on a secluded part of Malibu’s shore. It seemed like the women rented a house near the beach with a sunlit terrace and stairs that lead directly to the sandy shoreline.

Lots to see here: The Keeping Up With The Kardashian star's suit displayed almost every inch of her gym-honed curves

Lots to see here: The Keeping Up With The Kardashian star's suit displayed almost every inch of her gym-honed curves

There’s plenty to take in: The celebrity from Keeping Up With The Kardashians showed off her toned physique in a form-fitting outfit that left little to the imagination.

Time with her bestie: The wife of Kanye West did not go far in the Pacific Ocean, only getting her legs wet

Hanging out with her close friend: Kanye West’s spouse opted for a brief dip in the Pacific Ocean, only dipping her toes in the water. The ladies attempted to refresh themselves by wading at the edge of the ocean but ultimately decided against going further because of the cold temperature. Stephanie sported an impressive high-cut black one-piece swimsuit and kept her long dark hair flowing, just like Kim. This trip followed Kim’s statement to Allure in their October edition that she’s currently in the best physical shape of her life.

At the mansion: The mother of two was also seen in her beachside rental with her pal

While at the grand residence, the mother of two was spotted enjoying the company of her friend at their beach rental property.

Making sure it's all in place: The newly minted blonde pulled at her string bikini as she stood near the glass rail

Making sure it's all in place: The newly minted blonde pulled at her string bikini as she stood near the glass rail

Checking everything is in order: The fresh blonde tugged on her string bikini while standing by the transparent railing.

The most famous backside in the world: Here Kim proved that her bottom is smooth as she wore a very risque suit

Kim Kardashian’s World-Famous Derrière: In a daring outfit that showcased her smooth backside, Kim proved that it’s still one of the most talked-about in the world. The reality TV star revealed that she’s currently in the best shape of her life, working out for an hour and a half each day to maintain her figure. During a meeting at the Bacarat hotel in NYC, Kim ordered eggs and a muffin but didn’t touch the latter. She also discussed her plans to continue posing naked for as long as possible, joking about her publicist’s insistence on being present during such shoots.

Stretching: In Allure she said she's the most fit she has ever been because she has been working out with weights

According to Allure, she stated that her fitness level has significantly improved as she has been incorporating weightlifting into her workout routine.

Where is Kanye when she needs him? Husband West was not around to help her adjust her bikini top

When she needed him the most, Kanye was nowhere to be seen. Kim Kardashian’s husband wasn’t there to assist her in fixing her bikini top.

Shower time: Kim and Stephanie both got under the shower head which was conveniently located outdoors

Kim and Stephanie took their showers outdoors, standing beneath the shower head. Kim shared that she had been contemplating toning down her lifestyle but realized that she couldn’t keep it up forever. She was reminded of this when she saw unflattering photos of herself in a bikini while on a trip to Mexico earlier this year. The pictures motivated her to make changes in her life and focus on getting back into shape. When discussing the pictures on The View, Kim mentioned that people had been Photoshopping and enhancing them, which made her feel even more self-conscious.

Back to the beach: The reality guru, who is releasing a new fragrance, held into a bottle as her pal carried a book

Returning to the sandy shores: The expert in reality TV, who is launching a fresh scent, held onto a perfume container while her friend carried a book.

Back to the beach hut: Kim was also seen carrying her white towel as she ascended the stairs after Stephanie

Returning to the seaside cabin: Kim was spotted carrying her white towel as she followed Stephanie up the stairs.

A very close bond: Kim and Stephanie have been working together for years; Kim has said the assistant 'gets' her 

Kim and Stephanie share a strong connection as they have worked alongside each other for a substantial period. Kim has expressed her admiration for Stephanie, stating that she truly understands her.

'I definitely was not in my best shape. I hadn't worked out in about 12 weeks': Kim was horrified when she saw photos of herself from her girls' trip to Mexico earlier this year (above)

Kim was shocked when she came across pictures of herself during her girls’ trip to Mexico earlier this year. She admits that she wasn’t in her best shape as she hadn’t worked out for almost three months and had undergone two surgeries on her uterus which were documented on the show. However, things took a turn for the worst when people started editing the photos and making them look worse. This prompted Kim to take action and start working out with a bodybuilder girl she met through social media. She has been on this new fitness regime, which includes a new diet plan, for three weeks now. She wakes up every morning between 5:30 and 6 and works out for an hour and a half before her kids get up. She has also totally transformed her eating habits by cutting down on carbs, which has been quite challenging for her.

No lunch today: Neither one was seen with any food as they spent hours at the large beach home

Both individuals were observed spending several hours at the spacious beach house without any signs of having lunch. Kim has shared that her new fitness mentor has been instrumental in teaching her how to incorporate more nutrient-dense foods into her diet. She elaborated, stating that her meal plan now includes healthy carbohydrates and vegetables, which has helped her body to tighten up and achieve a more desirable shape. Additionally, the intense workouts have become a significant stress reliever for her, and she is thrilled with the results so far after just a few weeks.

Her secret: With her new fitness guru, Kim says she's learned to eat more of the right things, as she explained: 'She¿s really helped me with my meal plan to definitely add healthy carbs, vegetables. I was just not eating properly.

Kim has found success in her fitness journey with the help of a new coach. She’s discovered the importance of eating more nutritious foods, including healthy carbs and vegetables, thanks to her guru’s guidance. Prior to working with her coach, Kim wasn’t consuming the right foods for optimal health.

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