“Backlash for Kim Kardashian’s 42nd Birthday Celebration Sparks Heated Criticism: Is It Worth the Risk?”

There have been some reservations expressed by Kardashian critics regarding an atypical table element present at Kim’s recent 42nd birthday celebration. Despite the reality TV personality being joined by a large group of loved ones for the occasion, certain followers of the Kardashian dynasty were not entirely pleased with the setup.

Kim Kardashian celebrated turning 42 with an elaborate dinner party

Kim Kardashian marked her 42nd birthday in style with a grand dinner party that she threw for herself. The event was nothing short of extravagant, judging by the pictures she shared on Instagram.

But critics said the huge candle displays reminded them of 'hell'

Kim Kardashian’s 42nd birthday celebrations were met with mixed reactions as fans noticed the hundreds of white candles that decorated the tables. Kim, Khloe Kardashian, and Steph Shepherd all shared photos of the unorthodox display on their Instagram Stories. The dinner was held in a huge outdoor tent constructed of ornately draped fabric, which some critics pointed out may have added to the fire hazard. While some fans found the candle display visually appealing, others likened it to being in “hell.” Regardless of the polarising decor, the guests tucked into a delicious menu featuring sushi, wagyu and lobster tacos, miso black cod, and mochi ice cream. Cameras and microphones were present, presumably filming for an upcoming third season of The Kardashians. Kim spent her actual birthday on full mom-duty as she took her eldest daughter North to a basketball game and ran into her ex-husband Kanye West amid his business and personal reputation crisis.

Kim's birthday dinner was attended by her closest friends and family including her sister Kylie Jenner (left) and mom Kris Jenner (center)

Kim Kardashian celebrated her birthday with her beloved friends and family, who came to join the dinner party. Among them were her dear sister, Kylie Jenner (on the left), and her lovely mom, Kris Jenner (in the center). She shared a snapshot of this wonderful moment on her Instagram page.

The reality star wore a white lace dress that revealed her underwear

Kim Kardashian flaunted her style in a stunning white lace dress which had a revealing design, showcasing her underwear.

Kim wore late singer Aaliyah's bra top for her party over the weekend, but she did not make it to Las Vegas due to bad weather during the flight

Kim Kardashian opted for a unique fashion choice for her recent party by sporting a bra top that belonged to the late singer Aaliyah. Unfortunately, she was unable to make it to Las Vegas for the event due to inclement weather that affected her flight.

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