“Avri’s Iron Man Squad: Robert Downey Jr. Shares Adorable Snap of Daughter in Avengers Gear”

The man who portrays Iron Man has a soft spot for someone special. During his guest appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Robert Downey Jr shared a precious photo of his 17-month-old daughter, Avri. In the picture, Avri was dressed up in a onesie and was holding onto her father’s hand while he wore his Avengers armor. The 51-year-old actor showed off the adorable photo with pride and joy.

Proud papa: Robert Downey Jr shared a rare picture of his 17-month-old daughter Avri, during an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live on Wednesday night

Beaming with joy, Robert Downey Jr couldn’t help but show off his adorable 17-month-old daughter Avri to the audience of Jimmy Kimmel Live on Wednesday evening. The proud father shared a rare photograph of his little girl, showcasing her cute features and infectious smile.

According to him, she has made her decision and it seems like she is in favor of team Iron Man over team Captain America. He mentioned that he gave her a costume and presented her with a shield and gauntlet, leaving the choice up to her. It’s safe to say that she was naturally drawn towards the Iron Man side, as he proudly stated.

Team Iron Man: The 51-year-old actor proudly showed the picture of his tot - who was dressed up in a romper clutching his giant hand from his Avengers armour

The group known as “Team Iron Man” had a proud moment when their 51-year-old member shared a photo of his little one. The baby was wearing a cute romper and holding onto the giant hand from the Avengers armor.

Mini-me: 'Clearly, she's made a choice,' he told host Jimmy Kimmel, indicting she's more team Iron Man than team Captain America

During an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel’s show, Robert Downey Jr. expressed his opinion regarding his daughter’s preference for Iron Man over Captain America. He looked dashing in a charcoal pin stripe suit with a black shirt and grey tie, impressing the host with his fatherly instincts. Jimmy complimented their ‘Iron Baby,’ to which Robert responded with pride.

Smart: The Sherlock Holmes star looked sartorially on point in a charcoal pin stripe suit with black shirt and grey tie

The actor known for his role as Sherlock Holmes looked quite dapper in a charcoal pin stripe suit, paired with a black shirt and a grey tie. During the show, Jimmy Fallon playfully asked if there was any chance of him being adopted by the Downey Jr. family because of their similar ages. Later on, other actors from Captain America: Civil War, like Paul Bettany, Don Cheadle, and Emily VanCamp, also joined him on the couch. The host then asked him if he takes his role as Iron Man seriously.

Comeback kid: He's made his mark playing comic book character Tony Stark, as he made his way from the badboy of Hollywood to one of the most respected actors of his generation

Rising from the ashes: With his portrayal of Tony Stark in comic book adaptations, he has transformed his image from being a controversial figure in Hollywood to becoming one of the most admired talents among his peers.

Thumbs up: The Kiss Kiss Bang Bang actor also gave his seal of approval to new Spider-Man Tom Holland

The actor who starred in Kiss Kiss Bang Bang has expressed his approval towards the new Spider-Man, Tom Holland. He gave the young actor a thumbs up.

Robert shared that he doesn’t consider himself as someone who takes things too seriously. However, he does take his portrayal of the iconic character Tony Stark very seriously. Furthermore, he expressed his admiration for the talented young actor Tom Holland who is set to play Spider-Man in the upcoming Captain America movie. The 19-year-old Brit has gained Robert’s seal of approval as he exclaimed, “He is fantastic! I like him.” Through his impressive performances as Tony Stark, Robert has established himself as one of the most esteemed actors of his time, having come a long way from his bad boy image in Hollywood.

Reformed man: After making headlines for substance abuse and legal troubles, Robert has been happily married to wife Susan for eleven years this August - pictured on Wednesday

A transformed individual named Robert, who was previously in the news for his drug addiction and legal issues, has been happily married to his wife Susan for almost eleven years now. They have a four-year-old son named Exton, and he also has a 22-year-old son named Indio from his previous marriage. His co-stars have disclosed that he celebrated his 50th birthday extravagantly like a true movie star last year. In a fun quiz on the show, it was revealed that Duran Duran and Steely Dan performed live at the private birthday party for the family and friends. Don’t miss out on Captain America: Civil War, which will be screening in theaters on May 6th.

New Spider-Man: Speaking of the 19-year-old Brit who is being revealed in the role for the first time in the new Captain America film, Robert said: 'He is fantastic...I like him'

The latest Spider-Man: Robert praised the 19-year-old British actor, who was introduced as Spider-Man in the new Captain America movie, by stating that he is amazing and that he likes him.

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