A Stroll with Colombo: Emily Ratajkowski Flaunts Figure in Sunny Yellow Sundress in Manhattan

On a lovely Friday, Emily Ratajkowski brightened up the streets of Manhattan with her presence. The stunning model, who is 28 years old, donned a tight-fitting mini dress in a vibrant shade of yellow and completed her look with a pair of comfy sneakers. She was out for a walk with her furry companion Colombo. Emily flaunted her perfectly tanned legs in the revealing outfit and added to her ensemble a small black purse, cat-eye sunglasses with tortoiseshell trimming, and hoop earrings.

Hello sunshine: Emily Ratajkowski is pictured out in New York on Friday with her dog Colombo

Hey there! Emily Ratajkowski was spotted in New York on Friday taking a stroll with her furry companion, Colombo. While enjoying the sunny day, Emily expressed her sadness about how quickly Colombo is growing up. She shared some adorable photos of the little pup when he was still a tiny ball of fur, comparing it to how big he has become in just a few months. Emily even joked in her caption, asking for help to document Colombo’s puppyhood properly. She also mentioned that perhaps her stress about time passing too quickly is reflected in Colombo’s growth. It’s worth noting that Emily’s husband, Sebastian Bear-McClard, was not seen with her during this outing.

Best friend: The Blurred Lines video girl wore a tight yellow sundress and sneakers as she took her pup for a walk in Manhattan

My closest companion, the lady from the Blurred Lines music video, donned a bright yellow sundress and comfy sneakers while strolling around Manhattan with her furry friend.

Leggy look: The model showed off her tanned legs in the skimpy look as she accessorized with a black purse

The gorgeous model flaunted her sun-kissed legs in a revealing outfit while completing the look with a sleek black handbag.

Good boy! Colombo was very patient while Emily stopped for lunch

Well done, Colombo! Emily took a lunch break and Colombo showed great patience.

Bear-McClard has experience in the film industry, having acted and produced in Heaven Knows What, and produced Good Time. On Valentine’s Day 2018, he was seen out with his beautiful partner. Surprisingly, the couple announced their marriage just two weeks after being spotted together, which surprised many of their fans.

Puppyhood: Emily got misty eyed when she remembered how little Colombo was just a few months ago

As Emily reminisced about her adorable dog Colombo, she couldn’t help but feel emotional thinking about how tiny he was just a few months ago. While many may recognize her for her nude appearance in Robin Thicke’s music video for “Blurred Lines” or her role as Ben Affleck’s mistress in “Gone Girl,” she has also recently finished working on her latest film, “Bright Futures.”

Handsome boy: The model said she thinks he's more handsome as he's getting older

The female model shared her opinion that the boy is becoming more attractive as he grows older. She described him as a handsome individual.

Memories: Emily posted some happy moments with the pup

Memories: Emily posted some happy moments with the pup

Emily shared some joyful memories of her furry friend on social media.

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